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2023: Don’t vote old politicians – Ruggedman warns Nigerian youths

Veteran rapper and talk-show host, Micheal Stephens a.k.a Ruggedman in this interview with Kemi Filani News opens up on his forthcoming EP, ‘Situation’, the state of Nigeria, amongst other issues.

What can young Nigerians do to prepare for 2023 Presidential elections?

A lot of people have already started. Some youths in 2020 were clamoring for INEC to start registration early so they can get their PVCS. Right now, mostly what the youths can do is to get their PVCS because most of what they try to demand for falls on deaf ears. So many things are made difficult for the youths, yet people expect the youths to be there 100 percent. So right now, look for who you know is a good candidate and if they were to be like me I would say, nobody should allow any old politician come forward.

What do you think about the lifting of the Twitter suspension?

I still see no reason why it was suspended. Lifting it or not doesn’t do anything for me. The only thing I still see is the amount of people who lost jobs and who lost source of income when twitter was banned. That is what I am more concerned about. Did the government do anything to compensate those people? Realistically speaking, we have old men and women who haven’t received their pension. So you think its people who lost job and money on Twitter that the government would be quick to compensate? The government has a lot to prove to the people .So they should start proving it.As far as I am concerned, any politician from 1960 till now that comes forward shouldn’t be taken serious. Such a politician should be told to leave. Because since 1960 till now, nothing but failure is what we have experienced.

Can you tell us about your ‘Situation’ EP?

The full EP is going to come out before the end of October. October is a significant month for Nigerians. First we have the Independence Day. Secondly, we had the 20th of October, the day protesters were opened fire on.

Why is the EP focused on songs on social change?

It just goes to show that there are still a few musicians who are conscious musicians, who look beyond ‘Gbese, gbe body’. It shows there are musicians who want to pass a message. Music is a form of communication. It’s something you use to pass a message across to people in different languages and all. I have a lot of messages in this ‘Situation’ EP that people will learn from.

Would you advise men to opt for DNA test when they give birth to a child?

Even in the country, why are we doing NIN, why are we doing BVN? It’s just to be sure about things and to secure things. So anybody who is afraid of doing DNA test has an ulterior motive.

It shouldn’t be an issue. If your child belongs to your husband, why would you have an issue with doing a DNA test? It should not be an issue at all. Nigerians just sometimes have misplaced priorities. Only someone who is not sure a child belongs to her partner will have an issue with doing a DNA test.

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