Teacher breaks a 4 year old Boy’s teeth ( Photos)

A distraught mother has taken to Facebook to vent over the carelessness and irresponsibility of the teachers in her son’s school.

It happened that the said woman, Eze Doreen was venting as the teacher of her four year old son pushed him from his desk for currently unknown reasons, leaving the boy with a bleeding mouth and loosing few teeth.

It is very sad that a parent would pay hard earned money for their kids to be catered for and protected and the very person put in their care is behind a woeful predicament which involves losing body parts.

The pathetic part of the incident is that she abandoned him writhing in pain as he took the bleeding mouth home to weep to his rather perplexed mother who stormed the school in anger

With no prior report and first aid treatment administered to the child, the angry Head Teacher suspended the two teachers assigned to his class

Though pained, she decided on not naming the school as she was moved by the Head Teacher’s compassion for her child and apologies

Her post read;
Some teacher are extremely wicked, heartless but money conscious. This kid of 4 years was pushed down by his teacher from a desk by 11:00am yesterday she never cared to call the child’s parents nor report to the school authority for at least, the child to be given a first aid, she left the child in pains and went home. The child was in pain till 4:00pm when his mother came to pick him and his elder siblings.

Check out the photos

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