Woman kills party guests because they ridiculed her cooking

An aggrieved woman who was ridiculed for her cooking has been accused of killing five guests at a housewarming party by poisoning them in her quest for vengeance

The Indian woman, Pradnya Survase, of Khalapur, is currently face with the death penalty after five guests died at the feast in Mahad, in Raigad district, on June 18.

According to the Police, Survase intended to kill her husband, her mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law, along with her mother-in-law’s sister and her husband after they “regularly insulted” her complexion and cooking however she succeeded in causing more chaos than the damage she intended causing

A total of 88 people were hospitalized and five died. Among the dead are four children, aged between seven and 13, and 53-year-old Gopinath Nakure. Vilash Thikrey, a 13-year-old who survived the poisoning, remembers the dal tasting “bitter”.

According to authorities, Survase allegedly mixed snake poison into a container of dal that was then served to guests. Around 120 people were invited to the housewarming and a village cook prepared food which was served from 2.30pm until 11.30pm. But those who ate later in the day began complaining of nausea, vomiting, and stomach ache just a few hours later.

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