Simi reacts to Noble Igwe as he defends his stand on fraud

Popular Blogger, Noble Igwe who chose to be as noble as the name he bears, has reportedly been dragged on social media for his good intentions.

He has since taken to Twitter to defend his stand on the issue trailing fraud.

He wrote;

Yes, Government is not providing all that we need but do we make up for that by stealing from one another?To make the county better, we all a role to play and we can start by making changes in our neighborhood.
Media has to do a better balanced job
We collectively got this county here.
People spend a lot of money to get into government then spend years stealing them back
It’s Our Country & We can all make it better.
We All have a role to play.
Our Politicians are stealing us blind but we can’t balance that scale by stealing from one another.
We can’t be motivational speakers only when it suits us.
To create a better tomorrow,we have to clean up the today.

Meanwhile, award winning singer, Simi who is known to voice her opinion in matters such as this, has spoken in support of the blogger

Check out simi’s opinion below;

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