Notorious kidnapper who abducted and killed Hon. Onose Onokpama, nabbed in his Benin hideout

The notorious kidnapper who abducted Hon. Onose Onokpama, collected N500K ransom and shot him dead, has been reportedly nabbed in his Benin hideout

While the remains of Onokpama was recovered by the Delta State Police Command in Okurekpo forest in Ethiope East following a two days intensive search, the search for the notorious kidnapper bugun

The arrest was made possible after Hon. (Chief) Evance Ochuko Ivwurie, the member representing Ethiope East State Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly provided the courageous leadership that went in search of the suspect.

The notorious ‘kidnap victim keeper’ together with his gang kidnapped Hon Onose Onakpoma on March 31, 2018 and hid him in his Mr. Omote Eboh personally rented forest in Okurekpo, Ethiope East LGA before shooting him to death inside the thick forest.

According to the report shared by Hon. Ochuko:

“The notorious Omote Eboh has been on the run despite the arrest and detention of his wife after leading Hon Ivwurie and the team to the scene in the thick forest to recover the remains of Hon Onokpoma on May 11, 2018. The team led by the Vigilantes Group of Nigeria, Okpara Inland headed by Mr. Omovigho Aghotor Solomon trailed Mr. Omote Eboh today to the village in Benin where he has been hiding and captured him like a goat and we are currently taking him to the Commissioner Of Police, Delta State to face the law.

The consequences as promised by Hon Ivwurie thus far has been horrendous for the Kidnappers who flouted his warning.

Hon. Ivwurie had earlier on led the arrest some of the kidnappers who hails from Eku, Okurekpo and Oviorie and they have been in Police Net. They also apprehended the wife of the Victims Keeper Mr. Omote Eboh. Hon. Evance Ochuko Ivwurie also personally led and coordinated the Arrests and recovery of the victim remains.

The Omote Eboh, a kidnap-for-ransom network in the thick forest between Okurekpo and Okuekpagha boundary (Omue’ te’te) carried out a major robbery operation on 31st March, 2018 where they robbed over 20 people including Hon. Onose Onakpoma and there after kidnapped him and hauled him to the thick forest where he was promptly killed before the Kidnappers called to pick up a ransom of N500,000.00 and thereafter vanished into the thin air with no trace of Hon. Onakpoma and a little or no trace of the Kidnappers.

But with the resolute commitment of the Governor of Delta State, HE Senator Dr Arthur Ifeanyichukwu Okowa, Hon Ivwurie, Chairman Erhimedafe and the Commissioner of Police, most of the perpetrators of the heinous crime have been apprehended including those who aided the escape of the kidnap Victim Keeper- Omote Eboh and his wife.

“Hon. Evance Ivwurie, member representing Ethiope East in the Delta State House Of Assembly continues with all efforts to make good [on] his commitment to ensure the arrest of the perpetrators and ensure the recovery and return of the remains of the kidnap victim Hon. Onakpoma to accord him the decent burial he deserves,” said Barrister Akoro M. C spokesman and Legal Assistant Of Hon. Evance Ivwurie.

Hon Onakpoma’s remains are in the Eku Baptist Government Hospital morgue while officials are preparing legal documents to release the body to the family.

The robbery| kidnap gang had carried out their robbery operation at Okorore near Eku on 31st March 2018 were they robbed over 15 people including a couple who were rushing their 8 years seriously sick son to the hospital at about 5.30am and despite the couple appeal to the robbers| Kidnappers to have mercy and compassion on them to release them to enable them rush their sick son to the Eku Baptist Government Hospital, the heartless gang refused and held them for over an hour until their son died there.

The Police Anti Kidnapping squad had to step up operations against the gang and worked tirelessly with Hon Evance Ivwurie who provided the courageous leadership.

It will be recalled that Hon. Ivwurie had issued a stern warning to the Kidnappers On 12th April 2018 saying “…release and return him back to the family immediately otherwise the consequences they will face from this moment will be grievous and lethal”.

We commiserate with the Onakpoma family and ask that our Lord God Almighty will send His Holy Spirit to comfort them at this trying time.

We appreciate the outstanding DISCRETE support and efforts of the Governor of Delta State, HE Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyichukwu Okowa, Commissioner Of Police Mustafa Mohammed, Council Chairman Faith Majemite and her Vice Chairman Izu, SOS Sunday Onos Eromedoghene, LGA Party Chairman Hon. Felix Erhimedafe, very importantly the Vigilantes Group of Nigeria, Okpara Inland headed by Mr. Omovigho Aghotor Solomon and many others since our Hon. Onakpoma was taken hostage by the heartless cowards at Okorore near Eku on 31st March 2018.


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