Nigerian man who went to jail for perpetrating ‘One Of The Largest Bank Frauds In History’ gets arrested again

The name, Emmanuel Nwude should ring a bell to most news lovers as he was once in the news for perpetrating ‘One Of The Largest Bank Frauds In History’ and was sent to jail.

Upon his exit from jail and completion of his jail term, he has allegedly been arrested again

Nwude who was a former Director of Union Bank of Nigeria, was convicted at the time and sent to jail for 25 years after he impersonated the then Governor of the CBN, and defrauded Brazilian Bank, Banco Noroeste, of $240m

The notable advance-fee fraud artist is currently standing trial for 15 counts of forgery & dealing in forfeited property as he has allegedly failed to desist from the same act which landed him 25 years in jail

Prior to this time, Nwude posed as Paul Ogwuma, then CBN Governor convinced Sakaguchi to “invest” in a new airport in Abuja, in exchange for a $10 million commission. Nwude, whose fraud became known as one of the largest bank frauds in history, had offered Nuhu Ribadu “half of the entire loot” as bribe in 2003.

In the current trial, Nwude had asked Justice Dada of Special Offences Court in Lagos to grant a bail application but the Judge dismissed it, describing it as “highly regrettable” .

It is indeed sad that after spending a large chunk of his youth behind bars, he is likely to return there over the same “yahoo boy no laptop” crime

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