My dream to become a politician led me into cultism – Suspect confesses

A final year student of Abia state university, Uturu, has been arrested along side five other suspects for cultism in school.

The suspect, identified as Princewill Okechukwu, was among the five suspects paraded on Monday, March 26, by the commissioner of police in the state, Anthony Ogbizi.

According to reports, Okechukwu claimed that he joined a secret cult on campus because of his intention of joining politics after school.

Claming that his enemies, who were interested in his position, betrayed him by reporting him to the police saying:

“I wasn’t caught in any cult activity; rather I was arrested because I’m the head of the Black Axe fraternity. “I joined the cult because I have an ambition to join politics after studies; I was told that there were great men that graduated from our school, who are in government and they can help one to succeed in politics,”

He added that he had been a member of the cult for one year, and that he had not benefited anything from the sect, promising not to go back to the evil group if he regains his freedom.

“I have not benefited anything from the cult since I joined. The position I occupy was just handed over to me not long ago, and it was the people that wanted my position that betrayed me,” .

Amongst the paraded suspects, included a female identified only as Chika. Maintaining that she was wrongfully arrested while waiting for someone, she out rightly denied being a member of the Vikings confraternity.

When asked, a police source told pressmen that Chika was arrested close to the scene of initiation of Vikings new members.

He added that she was found in company of her boyfriend, who was a member of Vikings, acting as an informant for the cult group and alleged that Indian hemp was found on her.

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