Mum repeatedly held down daughter so boyfriend could rape her “because she had demon inside”

A mother has been jailed for 14 years for repeatedly holding down her teen daughter so that her boyfriend could rape her because she believed the young girl “had a demon inside”.

Celia Beatriz Sosa forced her young daughter to have sex with her partner, Sergio Eduardo Gimenez.

It was reported that the mother allegedly abused the young girl at their home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, because she “had a demon inside and this would help her get rid of it”. The girl eventually got pregnant as a teenager and was sent to Paraguay for an abortion.

The sexual abuse started when the girl was eight years old until she reported it in 2015. She is now 17 years old.

The victim said in her statement: “He was always drunk, and I never liked him. He said that I had a demon in me and my mum started to believe it. It all began when I was eight years old and she woke me up to tell me to do things with him. I did not want to of course.

“Before I went to bed he would say ‘don’t fall asleep, you know what you have to do’ and my mum would spread my legs and hit me with a belt. I had to do things. Sometimes he had me all night. Sometimes he used condoms, sometimes not.”

The teenager told her grandmother about the abuse and she helped her to file a report and accompanied her on gynaecological and psychological evaluations, which confirmed she was telling the truth.

Celia Beatriz Sosa is serving her 14-year sentence in the Ezeiza women’s prison in Buenos Aires.Meanwhile, Gimenez is currently on the run and wanted by Interpol.

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