How Nigerian Police rescue woman 28 years after she went missing

In a bid to futher her education to university level, a beautiful young lady identified as Martha Eyong at the age of 16 went to write her Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB). Little did she and her family know she would be kidnapped that fateful day.

According to Channels Television, she was kidnapped under a spell in Calabar by a 78-year-old man named Ali Omonya Ameh, who hypnotized her, compelling her to do anything he instructed.

Upon her abduction, Martha was initially taken to Lagos thereafter, moved to Otukpo local government area of Benue state, where she spent most of her adult life under threats, isolation and forced relationship that produced two children as a result of random rape by the same man.

She said: ”
“We were buying things to eat in from of one canteen near the school when he came by my side (because he was seeing us always carrying bags). When we were buying those things, he came by my side and said I should look at him.

“He was an elderly man like my father so I did not suspect him for anything. So he just poured me powder with a handkerchief and asked what I wanted to buy. I told him I was buying things and he asked for the money I was carrying.

According to Martha, the man purported duped her of the sum of Four hundred thousand naira then and whisked her to an unknown destination.

Upon questioning, the victim said;
“I gave him the money – N400,000. He took the money from me and told me to follow him. So following him from there, anything he tells me to do, I will just be following him like a goat.

At times when I ask myself why I am following this man, he will pour me powder again.

Luck smiled on Martha whom her family had made frantic efforts to find, as she alleged to have been delivered by a cleric in a church who later led to her becoming conscious.

Upon gaining her consciousness, she quickly alerted the police who swung into action by arresting the suspect who confessed to committing the crime.

Martha has since been reunited with her family as they await the law to take its course, however no amount of justice can replace the lost years stolen from her by the old criminal

On his part, the victim’s father, Mr Michael Eyong wants the police to secure justice on his daughter over the trauma he claimed to have passed through.”

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