Daughters and mom kill their dad because he would not let them wear jeans

Indian police have solved the murder of sub-inspector Meharbaan Ali, whose body was found in a sewage canal on Sunday morning.

The murder was allegedly planned by his own daughters and wife so that they could get jobs and a pension after his death and and because he refused to let them wear jeans and opposed the wife’s extramarital affair with her brother-in-law.

Police said the women had hired two contract killers from Muzaffarnagar to murder Ali. Police have taken the wife, Zahida, 52, and her daughters Zeenat, 22, Iram, 19, Alia, 18, and Saba, 26, into custody and have sent a team to Muzaffarnagar to search for the contract killers.

The accused wife has confessed to her guilt, officers said. The woman also said that Ali used to impose restrictions on the daughters against their will.

There were three benefits which the family would have got after Ali’s death. First, one of his daughters would have got a job in his place in the department. Second, his widow would have got the pension, which is half the salary.

Moreover, the family would have got the funds which dependents of policemen get on the demise of the latter. ?: CNA

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