Winndye Jenkins: All you need to know about Larry Hoover’s wife

Winndye Jenkins

Winndye Jenkins: All you need to know about Larry Hoover’s wife.

Winndye Jenkins is the wife of the famed former head of the Gangster Disciples gang in Chicago. Despite everything she had been through and because of her husband, Winndye was always devoted and supportive of him.

Winndye Jenkins: Profile summary

NameWinndye Jenkins
Net worth$4 million
Age72 years old as of 2022 
Birth Date12th of August 1950
HusbandLarry Hoover

Winndye Jenkins: Age

Winndye Jenkins is 72 years old as of 2022 and celebrates her birthday every 12th of August.

Winndye Jenkins: Nationality

Winndye Jenkins is of African-American descent, just like her husband. 

Winndye Jenkins: Educational Background

Though there is no information about her educational background. Winndye Jenkins attended and finished High School.

Winndye Jenkins: Marriage And Husband

Winndye Jenkins is the wife of the infamous former leader of the Chicago gang, Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover. 

Winndye Jenkins has been involved with Hoover since the 1960s. each time she and Larry planned to get married, it was always foiled. The Penitentiary where Larry was kept always found a reason to prevent the union between the couple.

Larry Hoover is an American gang leader who co-founded the Chicago street gang,  Gangster Disciples. He currently serves six life sentences at the ADX Florence prison in Florence, Colorado.

Winndye Jenkins: Child

Winndye Jenkins was pregnant when her partner Larry Hoover was sentenced to prison. 

Going through pregnancy alone, she bore their son, Larry Hoover Jr., and visited her partner in jail thrice every year.

Winndye Jenkins: What Was She Accused Of? 

Winndye Jenkins was accused of assisting Larry Hoover launder money through her business. She was running a concert-promotion business in the 1960s. 

Although Larry was apprehended, Winndye was not charged with any crime.

Winndye Jenkins: Husband’s Arrest And Imprisonment

Winndye Jenkins’ husband, Larry Hoover, was sentenced to 6 life sentences translating to 150-283 years imprisonment. The charges levelled against the founder of the Gangster Disciples gang were long and quite disturbing. 

These charges ranged from murder to conspiracy, extortion, and criminal activities. Hoover was arrested in September of 1973, and by November of the same year, he was sentenced.

Winndye Jenkins: Net worth 

Winndye Jenkins has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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