Who Is Joseph Herbert Jr, Jo Koy’s Son With Angie King? Age, biography & net worth

Joseph Herbert Jr.

Who Is Joseph Herbert Jr, Jo Koy’s Son With Angie King? Age, biography & net worth.

Joseph Herbert Jr. (born April 21, 2003) is Jo Koy and Angie King’s 19-year-old son. His father is a stand-up comedian and actor from the United States, and his mother is a Filipino-American artist and singer.

Joseph Herbert Jr. grew up in front of the world because his father was already a well-known personality before he was born, so media attention was always focused on him. Joseph has frequently been the target of some of his father’s jokes, which piqued the interest of many people who believe the father-son relationship between the two is very strong.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Biography & Profile Summary

On April 21, 2003, Joseph Herbert Jr. was born to Joseph Glenn Herbert, Jo Koy, and Angie King. Joseph Jr. was born and raised in California as a single child. He completed his sophomore year in 2017 at the catholic school, St. Mel School, Woodlands, California.

Joseph Herbert Jr’s parents divorced when he was still a child. Following his parent’s divorce, they chose to share joint custody of their kid. The former partners have done a fantastic job co-parenting their son up to this point.

NameJoseph Herbert Jr.
Age20 years
Birth Date21 April, 2003
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Place Of BirthCalifornia
Zodiac SignTaurus

Did Joseph Herbert Jr. Parent’s Divorce Affect Him?

It’s been long since Angie and Jo Koy were officially separated and divorced. As previously said, both of Joseph Herbert Jr’s parents are reserved individuals who like to keep their personal lives private; as a result, neither party has divulged the reason for their divorce from one.

When it comes to Joseph Jr., both of his parents are quite protective of him and go to great lengths to ensure that he has a comfortable life for his entire life. Joseph’s father also mentioned in an interview that he and his son’s mother are fantastic friends and are relatively laid back regarding their son’s time spent with one another.

Their Instagram posts demonstrate that the family is adjusting to their new living circumstances with relative simplicity.

Parents of Joseph Herbert Jr. appear to be close and constantly encourage one another to perform better in their own fields. As a matter of fact, during the pandemic of 2020, Joseph’s mother even relocated to the same house as her ex-husband in order for both of them to spend equal amounts of time with their son.

Despite their differences in marriage, Joseph Herbert Jr.’s parents haven’t modified their approach to raising their son or daughter. Despite the fact that they have been divorced for several years, they are still close friends.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Dating Status; Who Is His Girlfriend?

Joseph prefers to keep his personal life secluded from prying eyes. As he is yet to reveal anything regarding his relationship affairs, we can assume that the star kid is single and not dating anyone as of now.

Likewise, no rumours hint at his past or present girlfriend on the internet. You can catch Joseph on Instagram, where he has over 54.6K followers.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Net Worth And Career

Joseph Herbert Jr. is still in his early twenties and has already established a significant career. Jo Koy’s kid is currently enjoying college life and devoting time and energy to his studies rather than other extracurricular activities.

Although Joseph’s father does not participate in the performances, he does share his enthusiasm with his son by accompanying him. He is awestruck and proud of his father’s hard work and accomplishments. The fact that children often look up to their parents suggests that there is a possibility that Joseph will follow in his father’s footsteps in the future.

On the other hand, Joseph’s mother is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector. Beyond being a wonderful mother, she possesses exceptional artistic and musical abilities. [pagebreak] Angie began her music career in 2019, and Joseph has always supported his mother’s decision to pursue a musical career.

With both extremely skilled parents, there is a good potential that Joseph Herbert Jr. will be able to carry on and further either of their legacies in the future. However, Joseph may pick a different job route and adopt a whole new perspective on life in the future.

In addition to travelling extensively, the young man lives a luxurious lifestyle. Affluent parents like Cleary Joseph can afford to live lavishly because of their financial resources. According to reports, his father, Jo Koy, has amassed a wealth of $5 million. Perhaps, in the future, the child will become significantly more well-known than his parents, and his or her net worth may even surpass that of theirs.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Facts

  • Is Jo Koy related to anyone else? Joseph Herbert Jr.’s father, Jo Koy has three siblings: Robert Herbert, Rowena Hazel Cook, and Gemma Herbert Simmons. Robert Herbert is the oldest of the three siblings.
  • Who is the mother of Joseph Herbert, Jr.? He was born to Angie King and is her son. Nura Luca is the stage name of a Filipina-American singer who performs under the name Nura Luca. She also co-founded the Mexican UFO clothing line, which she started with her brother.
  • Can you tell me if Joseph Herbert Sr. and Angie King are still married? Not at all; the couple was married in 2005, but they separated in 2013. Their relationship remained positive, and they shared the responsibility of raising their kid.
  • Is Jo Koy’s son a stand-up comic? Even though Joseph Herbert Jr. has the same sense of humour as his father, he is not a stand-up comic. His father enjoys making jokes about him, but Lil Joe is concentrating on his education and has not chosen his job path after graduation.
  • What is the age of Jo Koy’s son? Joseph Herbert Jr. will be eighteen years old in the year 2022. His birthday is April 21, 2003, and he was born in 2003.
  • Is Joseph Herbert Jr. a Filipino by birth or by adoption? Joseph Herbert Jr. was born in the United States, making him a naturalized citizen of the United States. On the other hand, he has Filipino ancestors through both of his parents, both of whom were born in the Philippines.
  • Is Joseph Herbert Jr.’s grandfather a veteran of the United States Army? Msgt. John C. Herbert, the grandfather of Joseph Herbert Jr., is a veteran of the United States Army who served during World War II.

Does Jo Koy really have a son?

Yes, Joseph Herbert Jr..

Who is the real mother of Jo Koy?

Josie Harrison.

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