Terry Waya Net Worth updates: All to know about Kiddwaya’s father

Terry Waya Biography, Net Worth

Terry Waya Biography & Net Worth 2021 updates: All to know about Terseer  Kiddwaya’s father

At the mention of Kiddwaya’s name, two things will pop up in the mind of most Nigerians; he was a housemate in the recently concluded Big Brother Naija lockdown edition. Two, he is one of the sons of billionaire Terry Waya.

While only a handful of Nigerians knew who Terry Waya is, his son’s participation in the reality show, however, further brought him to the limelight once again.

Terry Waya is a name that would ring a bell in the political and social caucus in Nigeria. He is considered an underground billionaire and a socialite and has lived a very flamboyant lifestyle even before the days of social media.

To know more about Terry Waya, continue reading.

Profile Summary

NameTerry Waya
NicknameMr Versace
Date of Birth3rd of May 1965
OccupationBusiness man
Marital statusMarried

Terry Waya’s Biography

The Nigerian billionaire was born on the 3rd of May 1965 at Mbayongo in Benue State. He clocked 56 in 2021. His birthday was attended by some of the biggest names in the country.

Terry Waya is from the Tiv tribe. According to the interview he granted to the BBC, he disclosed that he had it hard in his early days, after which he relocated to Kaduna, where he attended Kaduna polytechnic.

He moved to Abuja, where he came in contact with many military soldiers, which later help him in his breakthrough.

Following the massive success he was able to gather; he would later relocate to the UK.

Personal Life

While there are no details about who his parent online, the billionaire keeps a very private life.

Terry Waya is married to Susan Waya, who is the mother of his two sons; Al-Giani and Teseer Kidwayya.

There are also claims he has other children with other baby mamas.


The Billionaire is also called Mr Versace; this is because of his tremendous love for the top designers’ brand; we can as well say everything owns from his shoes, clothes, swimming pool, chairs, among others,  all have the touch of the Versace brands in them. 

Terry Waya is also considered an extravagant spender.


He is considered to be involved in every significant business venture, which includes hospitality, real estate, oil and gas, among others. He is also very close to politicians in the country, with some reports claiming him to be the godfather to some politician


Despite the popularity and wealth, the billionaire has been caught up in some controversies over the year, and one of them was when he was arrested for money laundering in London. In the long run, he was permitted bail after being tried in court.

Another was in 2005 when reports claimed he was one of the sureties that helped with the release of the former Bayelsa State Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, from UK detention. 

Recall that the former Governor who went for vacation was arrested for money laundering.

Terry Waya went on to claim he bailed him with £500,000.

Net worth

While there is no report on his net worth, he has some properties as well as high valued assets and is considered a billionaire in dollars.

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