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Rebecca Mcbrain biography, all you need to know about Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend



Rebecca Mcbrain

Rebecca Mcbrain biography, all you need to know about Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend.

Rebecca Mcbrain, whose birth name is Rebecca Soteros, is a well-known and brilliant former School Teacher. Rebecca is a retired American schoolteacher and servicewoman. Rebecca was born in the year 1944 in the United States.

She is well-known as the late actor Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend. She rose to prominence after dating and meeting legendary actor Paul Walker. Rebecca and Paul first met in California, where they began dating. They had been in a relationship for a while when Rebecca became pregnant. On November 4, 1988, Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Meadow Rain Walker.

Rebecca Mcbrain Biography & Profile Summary

McBrain was born in California in 1974. Her parents are Julie Ann and Mark Soteros. Julie, her mother, died in July 2004 when she was 48. Joshua, her only younger brother, was her only sibling. Rebecca received her education at Village Christian School, graduating in 1992.

Real NameRebecca Soteros
Date of birth1974
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Height5 feet 5 inches
ProfessionHomemaker, trained teacher
Net worth$500,000

Rebecca Mcbrain Height and Weight

Rebecca McBrain is 5 feet 5 inches tall and maintains a weight of approximately 55 kilograms. As of 2023, she will be turning 49 years old.

Relationship with Paul Walker

Rebecca McBrain had a significant relationship with the late actor Paul Walker. They began dating in 1998 when Paul was still a budding actor in the entertainment industry. Their relationship took a significant turn when they welcomed their daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, into the world on November 4th. It’s worth noting that Rebecca proposed marriage to Paul after their daughter’s birth, but he declined due to the demands of his burgeoning Hollywood career, eventually leading to their separation.


Rebecca embarked on a career in education, starting as a teacher. She was also involved in military service for the United States. After her daughter Meadow was born, she chose to step away from her teaching profession to become a homemaker.

The Impact of Her Drinking Habit on Their Relationship

One of the factors cited for the dissolution of Paul and Rebecca’s marriage was her struggle with alcohol. She had been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) twice, first in October 2003 in Newport Beach, California, and subsequently in Hawaii. These incidents reportedly led to ongoing disputes in their relationship.

Paul Walker’s Tragic Death

The untimely and tragic death of Paul Walker deeply affected both Rebecca and their daughter Meadow. Paul lost his life in a car accident while attending a charity event for Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims organized by his charity, Reach Out Worldwide. Meadow was also present at the event. Rebecca, who was in Hawaii then, immediately flew to California to be with their daughter.

Devastated by her father’s passing, Meadow shared a heartfelt message on Facebook expressing her love and admiration for him. She became the sole heir to Paul’s estate, which included a net worth of $25 million.

Custody Battle with Paul Walker’s Mother

Cheryl Ann Walker, Paul’s mother, filed for legal guardianship of her granddaughter Meadow in March 2014, citing concerns about Rebecca’s alcohol addiction. Despite their differences, Rebecca and her daughter have a strong bond. Rebecca eventually entered a rehab facility after Cheryl’s filing, and Cheryl agreed to drop the guardianship case if she completed the program.

Rebecca Mcbrain Net Worth

As of August 2023, Rebecca McBrain’s estimated net worth is USD 250,000. Most of her wealth comes from her career as a teacher and servicewoman. In contrast, at the time of his tragic death, Paul Walker had an estimated net worth of $25 million, primarily earned from his roles in popular films and television shows.


  • Rebecca McBrain, originally known as Rebecca Soteros, is a former school teacher and servicewoman from the United States.
  • She was born in 1974 in the United States.
  • Rebecca completed her schooling at Village Christian School in California in 1992.
  • Her estimated net worth from her teaching and military career is $500,000.
  • As a teacher, her income was reported to be $600,000.

Who is Rebecca Soteros?

Rebecca Soteros is primarily known as the ex-girlfriend of the late actor Paul Walker and the mother of his daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.

When were Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker together?

Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker were together in the late 1990s, leading to their daughter’s birth in 1999.

Who is Meadow Rain Walker’s Mother?

Rebecca Soteros is Meadow’s mother.

Where is Rebecca Soteros now?

Rebecca currently resides in California.

Who has Custody of Meadow Walker?

Meadow’s mother, Rebecca Mcbrain, is her legal guardian.

Who was Paul Walker’s wife?

Paul Walker’s wife was Rebecca Soteros.