Paul Qualley Biography, Net worth, all you need to know about Macdowell’s ex-husband

Paul Qualley Biography, Net worth, all you need to know about Macdowell's ex-husband

Paul Qualley Biography, Net worth, all you need to know about Macdowell’s ex-husband

Many people have celebrity status due to who they married; the same can be said about Paul Qualley, a model who made it to the spot after his marriage to popular Hollywood actress Andie Macdowell.

Although Paul and Andie are no longer together having gone their separate ways after three children, he however still enjoys the celebrity status he gained after his marriage to her.

Aside from modelling, the reports revealed that Paul Qualley used to be a musician; presently, he is focused on his ranching business and is doing quite well for himself in Montana, where the ranch is situated.

This article is focused on what you should know about Paul Qualley, continue reading to see more.

Profile Summary

Full namePaul James Qualley
Date of birth1958
Age63 years old in 2021
Parents Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann Rondou
Relationship statusDivorced
ProfessionModel, Rancher

Paul Qualley’s Biography

His full name is Paul James Qualley, and he was born in 1958 to Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann Rondou in the US. There are, however, no details on his day and month of births, neither are there information on his siblings.

James Qualley is an American by birth and is of the Norwegian ethnic; he marked his 63rd birthday in 2021.


There are no details on James Qualley education history, he is however assumed to be educated.


James Qualley had always shown interest to become a model when he was young; after series of encouragement from the people close to him, he decided to make a career out of it and has gone on to walk on some of the popular American runways.

Despite his success in modelling, James Qualley didn’t feel fulfilled as such, he put an end to his modelling career to venture into the ranching business; he now owns a ranch in Montana.

Although he no longer models, James Qualley is still a well-known figure, especially as the ex-husband to Andie Macdowell.

How James Qualley and Andie Macdowell met

The records revealed that Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley during one of his modelling job when he was working for a job with GAP ads services. The two fell in love with each other immediately and married in 1986; however, after 13 years, they divorced in 1999. There is no information till date on whether Paul Qualley remarried after he separated from the Hollywood star.

Before their divorce, Paul and Andie’s relationship was blessed with three children named Justin Qualley, born in 1986, Rainey Qualley in 1990 and their Sarah Margaret Qualley in 1994).

Rainey and Sarah have followed their mother’s path in the entertainment industry and are doing well for themselves; their older brother, Justin, is into real estate in Montana.

Net Worth

James Qualley is reportedly worth of $100,000

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