Nigerian Governors Salary: How Much Governors in Nigeria Earn 2021 update

Nigerian Governors Salary sanwo olu

Nigerian Governors Salary: How Much Governors in Nigeria Earn 2021 update

When it comes to governance and politics in Nigeria, several Nigerians will insist on the fact that some political office holders are in the post to make money and not to serve.

Over the years, there has been a clamour for a reduction in government expenditures, especially regarding the payment of political officeholders.

Currently, the economic situation has been badly affected with the price of food soaring high; it also brings up the question of when the cost of governance would be reduced to match the current realities. So far, there has been no action taken to that effect.

Perhaps you are interested in knowing how much a governor earns, or you intend to add to your knowledge about politics in the country, then you have to the right site.

Firstly, to become a governor in Nigeria, there are some requirements as prescribed by the constitution that any interested individual must meet, and they include;

1. The candidate must be a Nigerian by birth

2. The candidate must not be younger than 35 years.

3. The individual must be a registered member of a political party approved by the country’s electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC.

4. The candidate is entitled to a four-year tenure in office and can be re-elected for another four years, thus making it a total of 8 years maximum.

The recent research revealed that a Nigerian Governor’s basic salary is N2.22 million, deputies earn N2.11 million, while Commissioners earn N1.33 million per month. 

Considering the current economic challenges the country is going through, there are beliefs that the salary being paid to Governors is still high.

This is because apart from the salary, there are other allowances political officer holders enjoy while in office.

Salary of Nigerian Governors After Minimum wage increase

According to the research, a state governor earns the sum of N11,540,896, with the annual leave allowance slated at N222,370.50 per year.

The 2009 approved earnings accrued to public office holders reveals that a state governor is entitled to 400% of his annual basic salary which is N8,894,820.00 and serves as allowances for maintenance of vehicles.

Apart from the basic salary and vehicle allowance, governors also enjoy other allowance and entitlement accrued to their office for accommodation and furniture. 

The allowance and entitlement are dully provided by the state government.

Also, the medical expenses spent on the governor are the responsibilities of the state government. After the completion of his tenure, the governor would receive a severance gratuity of N6,671,115.

The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Package (RMAFP) further sheds light on governors spending in the country. 

However, the RMAFP did not set any limit to the allowance of the governor on foreign trips as well as local trips all of which are paid for from the state account and granted upon request from the governor.

Below is a breakdown of the allowance and salary of the state governor in the country:

  • Basic salary = N2,223,705
  • Leave allowance = N222,370.50
  • Vehicle loan = 400% of annual basic salary.
  • End of tenure gratuity = N6,671,115
  • Total salary = N11,540,896
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