John Clark Gable biography, net worth, age, all we know about Clark Gable’s son

John Clark Gable biography, net worth, age, all we know about Clark Gable's son

John Clark Gable biography, net worth, age, all we know about Clark Gable’s son

One of the rarest things to have in the Hollywood movie industry is to have a family whose fame has gone beyond two generations. The Clark Gable family is among the few fortunate families who have seen their fame extend to the third generation.

Clark Gable was a popular Hollywood star in the 1930, and he is the father to John Clark Gable, who is also a star currently in the industry.

John Clark Gable enjoyed celebrity status right before he was born as both his mother and father were celebrities in their own right, thus growing up was a comfortable experience for him.

This article is focused on what you should know about John Clark Gable, continue reading to see more.

Profile Summary

Full name John Clark Gable
Date of birthMarch 20th 1961
Age60 years old in 2021
Zodiac signPieces
Place of birthLos Angeles, California,
Marital statusMarried to Debra Hartsell

John Clark Gable’s Biography

John Clark Gable was born on the 20th of March 1961 to the late William Clark Gable and Kay Spreckles in Los Angeles, California.

The reports revealed he lost his father four months into his birth, which means why his father was a celebrity and well-known figure; he never got the chance to meet him.

After his birth, John Clark Gable had to stay away from the spotlight as he was almost a victim of kidnap when he was only one year old. For this reason, his mother, Kay Spreckles, took the decision to leave him out of the public view and also attached a security detail to him.

This is why little is known about his childhood and education history; John Clark Gable is, however, an American by birth and celebrated his 60th birthday in March 2021; he has step-siblings named Judy Lewis, who is also an actress but now late.


John Clark Gable would, however, return to the public view when he came of age and decided to follow in his parents footsteps in the movie industry. He didn’t experience a fast ascension to the spotlight as he started with taking minor roles in the movie industry.

He made it to the limelight in 1990, following his performance in the movie Bad Jim where he acted alongside James Brolin and Richard Roundtree. Although it was not a hit, but it opened the door for him to land more roles in other movies.

Some of the popular movies he acted in include Sunset at Dawn, released in 1990 alongside his son and the 2012 science fiction film, Aliens from Uranus.


Like his father, John Clark Gable has been married a number of times. He first married Tracy Yarro in 1986, but the marriage ended after five years. He gave love another chance in February 1999 when he got married to Alexandria Remlin; the marriage ended in 2002. At the moment, John is married to Debra Hartsell Gable.

John Clark Gable has three children with Tracy Yarro; their names are Gable children are Kayley Gable and Clark Gable III, and they are in the movie industry.

Of his three children, Clark Gable was the most popular, but he was found unconscious in February 2019 in his home in Texas; after attempts to resuscitate him failed, he was declared dead.

Net worth

The movie star is reportedly worth $5 million.

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