Hugo Avalos chanon age, net worth, death, wife, height, biography

Hugo Avalos Chanon

Hugo Avalos chanon age, net worth, death, wife, height, biography.

Hugo Avalos Chanon worked as a cleaning contractor in Mexico. Hugo Avalos Chanon appeared on the news following his untimely death at his workplace, Interstate Meat Distributors, on April 29, 2013.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Profile summary

Full Name:Hugo Chanon
Death Date:April 29, 2013
Profession:Cleaning Contractor

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Early Life & Biography

The exact date of birth of Hugo Avalos Chanon is unknown. Therefore, his zodiac sign is also a mystery. He lived in Southeast Portland, Oregon and was a native Mexican. Also, he passed away on April 29, 2013. At the time of his passing, he was only 41 years old. He died due to a mishap at a meat processing plant called Interstate Meat Distributors Inc. There are no details about his family, parents, and siblings. He also never shared any information about his educational background and qualifications.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: career and working life

Professionally, Hugo Avalos Chanon was a cleaning company. At the time of his passing, he was working at DCS Sanitation Management Inc. The company was hired to clean meat processing equipment at Interstate Meat Distributors daily.

On the night of his death, he cleaned the equipment at the said meat processing plant. Discussing the details of his death, the cleaning contractor fell into a mechanical mixer late on Friday (April 29, 2013). Paramedics were called to the plant before midnight. They found him entangled in a blender. Said mixer is used to regulate the fat content of beef.

The next day, firefighters went to the plant, dismantled the machinery, and removed his body. Oregon investigators examined the evidence and interviewed witnesses. They also checked records at the factory, as there was a subpoena in October about a safety hazard.

The State Occupational Health and Safety Department and the inspectors found that the machines in the meat grinding room were not properly locked at the time of cleaning. They consequently judged that an unexpected start-up of the machine could have been the cause of this personality’s death.

Interstate Meat Distributors President Darrin Hoy said company officials are fully cooperative with investigators. The factory was also the target of a consumer alert in 2007. At the time, authorities traced potentially deadly E.coli bacteria to the factory’s ground beef. In early 2005, there was an accident at the plant, the Oregonian reports.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: How Did He Die?

Hugo Avalos Chanon died after he fell into an industrial blending machine at a meat processing plant.

Hugo of Southeast Portland, age 41, was declared dead at Interstate Meat Distributors Inc. shortly after the horrific accident. Hugo worked for a sanitation management company contracted to clean the meat processing equipment daily.

Investigation revealed that the meat grinding room was not locked properly, and the hose he used to clean got tangled in the machine and pulled him in. Dr Cliff Young, a deputy state medical examiner, said Avalos-Chanon died from “blunt-force injuries and chopping wounds.”

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Death Video

Hugo’s tragic death incident is being discussed again, and an alleged death video is shared.

The incident that occurred in 2013 has resurfaced and is being talked about on Reddit and Twitter. The bizarre nature of his death has prompted many to look up his death video.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Relationship status

Hugo Avalos Chanon’s relationship status at the time of his death is still unknown. This personality may have had his own family in the United States or his native country of Mexico. Or it could also be that he was single and focused on his career. Nevertheless, the information on this matter remains a mystery even after many years of his death.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Body measurements

Hugo Avalos Chanon’s body measurements like chest, waist, biceps, dress size, height, weight etc are all unknown. Officials have not released many personal details about this late personality. This late contract worker had dark brown eyes and hair of the same colour.

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