Hannah Buchholz video: petition, school, death story, Instagram, full video

Hannah Buchholz video

Hannah Buchholz video: petition, school, death story, Instagram, full video

Many people have used social media to improve their lives; however, it appears others abuse it and even go as far as having the boldness of sharing a video of another individual being beaten.

Hannah Buchholz had gone viral on social media for allegedly sharing a video of a defenceless teenager identified as Jacob Gunderson being beaten up.

According to the reports, on May 21st, 2020, multiple Snapchat videos surfaced on the internet, showing a defenceless and intoxicated teenager by the name Jacob Gunderson being beaten for hours, for allegedly stealing narcotics. 

The report revealed that the girl who uploaded it was a lady by the name Hannah Buchholz.

In the videos which later went viral, Hannah Buchholz was seen using racial slurs whilst she encouraged the beating the entire time she was recording.

At some point, she went as far as participating in the beating, revealing her bloodied hand. 

The video has seen received massive reactions from social media users.

Jacob Gunderson Assult

According to the petition submitted on, it read “Hannah Buchholz uses racial slurs whilst she eggs on the beating the entire time she is recording.” She even went as far as to join in the beating as well.  The petition claimed that she “was released on just a probation violation.” At the same time, everybody in the incident was reprimanded.

A GoFundMe Page for Jacob Gunderson

Following the attack on Jacob, he was barely conscious when he was thrown out of the car where he was left for his grandma to take care of him.

To show support for Jacob and his family to pay for his medical bills after he was taken to the hospital, a GoFundMe page was created on his behalf. On  May 24, “JusticeforJacob” became one of the top trends on popular micro-blog, Twitter. 

The GoFundMe was created to raise  $5,000  but it went on to raise more than double of the amount.

Hannah Buchholz to be Charged

Since the attack, there have been calls to charge Buchholz as an adult for not doing anything to stop the beating when it was going on.

Before this, a local news outlet WEAU reported that an unidentified juvenile who was also involved has been referred to a juvenile court.

The reports have however identified the juvenile as Hannah Buchholz.

Hannah Buchholz Uses N-Word

According to Jacob’s mother, Becky Gruber, she said seeing the violence her son experienced was the worst feeling imaginable. She added that no human being should behave toward another like that ever, no matter the circumstances. The mother assured that justice would be done through nonviolent ways.

Gunderson was at the match but was not allowed to speak publicly. 

While reports had claimed he’s recovering from his injuries that sparked speculation of brain damage, his father Tom Gunderson has however debunked such reports.

However, Hannah Buchholz in a recent statement via her Instagram page said the address people shared on social media saying it was Hannah Buchholz is FAKE.

In the statement she said that she is mixed and also revealed she was deactivating her Instagram page, she has already deactivated her Facebook page.

Gunderson’s death

The recent report via rhielfuneralhome has revealed that Jacob T. Gunderson passed away on Saturday, June 5, 2021, at All Saints Hospital in Racine. 

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