Gabriel Kuhn Case: Daniel Petry latest update

Gabriel Kuhn Case

Gabriel Kuhn Case: Daniel Petry latest update.

Daniel Philip Petry was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1991. There is no information available about Daniel Petry’s childhood, biography, educational background, or family.

Daniel Petry rose to prominence after being involved in a murder investigation.

Daniel Petry Profile Summary

NameDaniel Petry
Jail Term3 years

Daniel Petry Acknowledges His Crime

Daniel was apprehended shortly after Gabriel’s death and admitted without hesitation to murdering Gabriel.

The police investigators were taken aback by how easily Daniel recounted every detail of his encounter with Gabriel that day. He didn’t appear tense as he described how brutally he slaughtered his body.

Daniel’s only denial was that he raped Gabriel. He attempted to persuade the cops that he had not raped him at all.

The autopsy reports, on the other hand, clearly state that Gabriel was raped several times during the assault. He was sentenced to a juvenile delinquency centre in September after being found guilty in court for only three years of socio-educational punishment.

Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

Daniel was committed to a juvenile delinquency facility in 2007. He was released after three years of socio-educational punishment.

Daniel Petry does not have a social media account or handle. He appears to have vanished after being released from prison in 2010.

Gabriel Kuhn: Who Was He?

Gabriel Kuhn, a strange 12-year-old boy who lived in Daniel Petry’s neighbourhood, stood out. While playing the online game Tibia, the two developed their relationship into a partnership, and Tibia became the victim of Daniel Petry’s murder case.

Daniel Petry brutally bitten and raped Gabriel Kuhn before strangling him by tightly wrapping electrical cords around his neck. He severed the legs to make the body lighter to carry, then hid it in a crawl space in the hallway.

Gabriel Kuhn died in agony, and he clearly suffered as a result of Daniel Petry’s treatment of him. The police autopsy report also confirms he was raped multiple times before being killed by his friend and online video game partner Daniel Petry.

Gabriel Kuhn Case: Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Petry Crime Story

Gabriel Khun allegedly begged Daniel for 20,000 Tibia, an online electronic currency, but Daniel refused to give him the money until Gabriel repeated his request. Later, Daniel began to request the electronic cash promised by Gabriel, but he refused and disconnected him from his electronic connections. Daniel was so upset by this that he called his mother, Nova Trento, at 9:30 a.m. on the day of the crime, to find out when she would undoubtedly arrive.

Daniel then paid Gabriel a visit, pretending to settle their disagreement over the computer game. Daniel, who suffers from a mental illness, slammed the door behind him and began hitting Gabriel.

After brutally assaulting Gabriel Kuhn, Daniel Petry began raping the victim. He strangled him by tightly wrapping electrical cables around his neck. He cut the legs off the body to make it lighter to carry, then hid it in a crawl space in the corridor.

Daniel Petry was apprehended after admitting to the crime. He eventually revealed in his most recent media interview that Gabriel Kuhn was a thief who duped him. He continued by saying he would hold him accountable for his actions.

Gabriel Kuhn’s autopsy revealed numerous s*odomizations. Gabriel allegedly promised to reveal Daniel’s secrets, which led to the tragic event. The killer, Daniel Petrey, was sentenced to three years in a juvenile delinquent facility.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhn case: How the Duo met

Daniel and Gabriel, real name Gabriel Guillermo Kuhn, met through their shared interest in the aforementioned online game Tibia.

One of the most widely discussed reasons for Daniel’s assassination was that Gabriel had defrauded the former of approximately 20 000 Tibia (approximately USD 1,75). However, Kuhn did not return the money, and it is widely assumed that this was the primary motivation for Petrie to murder Gabriel.

Daniel is said to have asked Gabriel several times to return the money, but Gabriel refused each time. Cohen is also accused of blocking all virtual contacts with Petrie and discontinuing all contact with him.

This enraged Daniel, and he later called Gabriel’s mother. She informed him that she was not at home and that Gabriel was alone in the house.

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