Elena Moussa: Biography, net worth, husband, career

Biography of Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa: Biography, net worth, husband, career

Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld are a well-known and respectable couple in the entertainment and fashion industry.

She is 38 years old as of 2020.

Elena Moussa was born in Russia. Ever since she was young, she had an interest in fashion and dreamed of becoming a designer.

After finishing her basic education in London, which became her place of residence after moving from her home country Russia, she enrolled at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. There, she got to pursue her childhood dream.

When she completed her education, she came back to Russia, where she started a modeling career.

Later, she became a photo editor for Maxim Russia to gain more experience in this field. The magazine where she worked also cooperated with Maxim UK.

Therefore, she often had to go to London, and it was there that she met the man that became her husband.

Nowadays, Elena has moved on from her previous ventures, such as professional modeling and journalism.

However, she still displays a lot of activity in the world of fashion and even runs a company of her own. The “Moussa Project” company was established in 2011, and her best clothing designs are distributed and sold under this brand. She also displays her creative fashion choices on her social media pages.

She is known as a fashionista that contributed a lot to the modeling and clothing industry.

Elena Moussa’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, according to VeryCeleb. Meanwhile, the fashionista’s husband Greg Gutfeld net worth is $13 million and his annual salary is $7 million.

The two have met back in 2004 when both had fruitful jobs as editors for the different versions of Maxim magazine. Greg was an editor of Maxim UK, while Elena worked on the Russian version.

The journalist was immediately interested in the attractive model and asked the editor of Maxim Russia about her. He then proceeded to ask her on a date, and she reciprocated. They instantly had a great connection, and not a lot of time has passed until Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa wedding occurred.

The Russian beauty moved to London for her new husband, and today, the two are still happily together.

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