Brittney sharp death: Everything you need to know about the cause of Brittney Sharp death

31 year old Brittney Denise sharp was a patient of Dr, Pimple who was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis. According to the Doctors, the neurofibromatosis was said could harm to her internal organs and froths could close to her brain. Some people think this may be Brittney Sharp Memphis TN cause of death but it has never been confirmed.

Brittney Denise Sharp was however featured on Dr Pimple Popper season two, episode nine for large wart-like bumps that she had all over her body that seemed after she got pregnant with her daughter.

Her Dr pimple popper episode aired in March and she died in May.

Brittney Sharp had been struggling with the bumps for a long time, some as many as 11years. She was engaged to be married and wanted to try to get rid of the bumps before her wedding.

She wasn’t even sure Dr Lee could help her, but she still sought Dr Lee’s help because she had never been able to find a doctor who could help her get rid of the bumps.

Brittney told Dr Lee she had tried everything to get rid of the bumps;
”I’ve tried plenty of home remedies- tea bags, tying rubber bands around the big ones to try and cut the circulations off but nothing works”

After she examined Brittney Sharp bumps, Dr Lee said;

”When I feel these bumps, they’re a little rubbery. They are flexible and spongy. You can feel when you push them into the skin and they bounce back out. Pregnancy can do that to us; Our skin can go whack”

Eventually, Dr. Lee was able to help Brittney remove the bumps.

Tlc show aired a special tribute ”IN LOVING MEMORY OF BRITTANY SHARP” and announced Brittany sharp death after the show in a statement that reads;

”Our hearts go out to Brittney Denise sharps friends and family during this difficult time. On last nights episode of the extremely popular, but slightly gross docu series Dr Pimple popper, the TLC show aired a special tribute to season 2 (epidsode 9) patient Brittney.”

Sadly, the 31yeaer old Tennessee native passed away on May 2

Please say a prayer for Brittney’s family . Brittny sharp cause of death is not public. It is not known if she eventually wedded her fiancé who madly was in love with her. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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