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Biography of Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham; Family, Career and Net worth



Toyin Abraham

Biography of Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham; Family, Career and Net worth.

Toyin Aimakhu Abraham, born on September 5, 1982, is a Nigerian actress, movie producer, director, and social media influencer. He was born in Auchi, a town in Edo State in southern Nigeria. She shot to fame in 2003, when Bukky Wright came to Ibadan to film a film.

Toyin Abraham Biography & Profile Summary

Abraham was born in Auchi, a town in the state of Edo, southern Nigeria. She was born in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State in southwestern Nigeria and spent her childhood there. She attended high school at St Anne’s School in Ibadan. She studied for a national preparatory degree and a regular national degree at Osun State Polytechnic University in Iree from 2005 to 2007. Ibadan Polytechnic University awarded her a national higher diploma certificate in marketing.

Full Name:Toyin Aimakhu Abraham Ajeyemi
Date of Birth:September 5, 1982
Place of Birth:Ibadan, Oyo State
State of Origin:Oyo State
Net Worth:$1 million
Husband/Spouse:Kolawole Ajeyemi

Early Life

Toyin Abraham, previously known as Toyin Aimakhu before her name change in 2016, emerged from the vibrant city of Auchi, Edo State. However, her formative years were spent in the southwestern region of Nigeria. Growing up in the historic city of Ibadan within the state of Oyo, among fellow Yoruba-speaking Nigerians, Toyin’s early life was marked by a love for classical plays that graced local television stations, sparking her interest in the world of acting.

Despite her guardians’ persistent urging to pursue conventional education and a corporate career, she completed her academic journey while sporadically participating in movie auditions. Toyin was revered among her peers for her astute analysis of events and apt responses.


Upon concluding her basic education in her neighbourhood’s local school, Toyin Aimakhu Abraham enrolled at St. Anne in Ibadan. She stood out as one of the top graduates in her class. Subsequently, she embarked on a journey to acquire higher education, beginning with a National Foundation Degree at Osun State Polytechnic University in Iree. After two years, she transitioned to the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) program. Her academic path eventually led her to Ibadan Polytechnic University, where she earned a National College Certificate in Marketing.

Toyin Abraham: A Blossoming Career

Toyin’s acting journey kick-started when she crossed paths with Nigerian actress Bukky Wright during the shooting of a movie in Ibadan back in 2003. This marked the inception of a career that would propel her to the forefront of the Nigerian film industry. Her notable appearances in several Nigerian films, including self-produced, directed, and starred works like “Alani Baba Labake” and “Ebimi ni,” showcased her remarkable talents.

One pivotal recognition was her nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Yoruba film “Ebimi ni” at the 2013 Best Nollywood Awards. Concurrently, her performance stood alongside Joke Muyiwa’s nomination for Best Actress in the Yoruba film “Ayitale.” Moreover, Toyin’s contributions extended to the film “Black Val.” She became the driving force behind “Keeping Up With Toyin Aimakhu,” a venture spearheaded by Martini Animashaun, CEO of Tinimash Entertainment. In 2020, her influence rose as she assumed the ambassador role for Revolution Plus Properties, a prominent real estate company based in Lagos. The year 2022 witnessed her appointment as a brand ambassador for Checkers Custard Nigeria. Toyin also ventured into directing and production, culminating in the critically acclaimed film “Nollywood’s Fate of Alakada.”

Toyin Abraham’s Personal Life and Marriage

Toyin Aimakhu Abraham’s journey turned romantic as she tied the knot with fellow actor Kolawole Ajeyemi in a traditional wedding ceremony in July 2019. Their union bore fruit as they welcomed their first child the subsequent month. This marked a new chapter, different from her previous marriage to Adeniyi Johnson in 2013, which concluded in separation after two years.

Achievements and Honors

Within the realm of film, Toyin Aimakhu Abraham has garnered many accolades. Noteworthy among them is the Best Supporting Actress in Feature Film Award she secured at the Five Continents International Film Festival in 2017. Additionally, her prowess shone as she clinched the Best Lead in a Drama award in 2020.

Filmography: Toyin Abraham’s Multifaceted Roles

Toyin’s indomitable presence has graced Yoruba and English films since her debut. Some of her standout works include:

  • Therapist (2021)
  • Female Prophet (2021)
  • The Fate of Alakada (2020)
  • Dear Affy (2020)
  • Small Ribs (2020)
  • Baby Elevator (2019)
  • Don’t Get Mad, Be Equal (2019)
  • Working In Heaven (2019)
  • Millionaire (2019)
  • Kasanova (2019)
  • Bling Lagosians (2019)
  • Nimbe (2019)
  • Ghosts and Salesgirls (2018)
  • Seven and a Half Days (2018)
  • Camouflage (2018)
  • What Just Happened (2018)
  • Alakada Reloaded (2017)
  • Hero (2017)
  • Hero’s Lover (2017)
  • Spirit (2017)
  • Tatu (2017)

Toyin Aimakhu Abraham further dazzled her fanbase by taking the helm as director of the movie “Fate of Alakada.” The film’s release resonated strongly with audiences, solidifying its position as a box office hit. Complementing her film journey is the reality show “Keeping Up With Toyin Aimakhu,” where she effortlessly transitions from a movie star to a director. The show has gained a substantial social media following.

Toyin Abraham Net Worth

Beyond the realms of Nollywood, Toyin’s influence extends to her prominent status as a social media personality. Her sway is undeniable with an extensive following of over 10 million across various accounts. Toyin Abraham’s net worth is estimated to fall within the range of $500,000 to $1,000,000.

In summation, Toyin Abraham’s evolution from her early days in Ibadan to her status as a luminary in the Nigerian film industry paints a portrait of tenacity and achievement. Her multifaceted journey has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment, and her trajectory continues to inspire both her peers and admirers alike.