Biography of Mary Lee Harvey; Family, Career, Net Worth

Biography of Mary Lee Harvey; Family, Career, Net Worth.

Mary Lee Harvey (born October 20, 1960) is a well-known American personality, author, and makeup artist. She is well-known in the country as Steve Harvey’s second wife. According to reports, the couple was married from 1996 to 2005.

Mary Lee Harvey Biography & Profile Summary

First and last nameMary Lee Archives
maiden nameMary Lee Vaughn
BirthdayOctober 20, 1960
Age63 years old
sun signLibra
featuredPositive: Smart, fair and sociable Negative: Superficial, indecisive and controlling
Place of birthTexas, USA
Currently livingTexas, USA
Marital statusdivorce
CoupleSteve Harvey (1996-2005)
ChildrenWynton Harvey
EducationNo information
JobBe an artist
net value500,000 USD
HeightYear Old

Mary Lee Harvey Early Life

Birth and Background

Born on October 20, 1960, in the vibrant state of Texas, United States, Mary Lee Harvey celebrates her 62nd year of life. Her existence has revolved around her partner, leading her to bring forth their child.

Physical Dimensions and Zodiac Influence

Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m), this American luminary radiates her presence. Her birth is under the sign of Libra, imbuing her with its unique attributes.

From Shackleford to Harvey

Originating as Mary Lee Shackleford, her union with the distinguished American personality changed her nomenclature to Mary Lee Harvey. Her lineage ties her to Mr. & Mrs. Shackleford.

Professional Career

Artistry as a Makeup Maven

Hailing from the United States, Mary Harvey has honed her craft as a remunerated professional makeup artist. Details regarding her career’s intricacies post her separation from Steve remain shrouded in obscurity.

Personal Life

Unveiling the Enigma

Before her acquaintance with Steve Harvey, Mary Harvey’s earlier years remained veiled, a tapestry of mystery entwining her upbringing, education, and vocational history. Only near the comedian did her story unfold. The magic of love enveloped the duo when they crossed paths at a comedy spectacle in Arlington, Texas, in 1989.

The Union and Its Unraveling

Their love story scripted history within a year, culminating in their matrimonial vows. Yet, 2005 witnessed the dissolution of their nearly two-decade-long partnership, leaving many in disbelief. Whispers of an alleged affair emerged, alleging extramarital ties between Steve and Marjorie Elaine Harvey, a purported contributor to their parting.

Resilience and Revelation

Following their separation, child custody concerns surfaced. Mary Harvey resorted to YouTube to rally support, making her grievances public. She claimed that Steve Harvey had not only engaged in infidelity but had also subjected her to physical and mental abuse.

The Legal Clash

These accusations catalysed Steve Harvey’s legal action, filing a lawsuit to halt the dissemination of defamatory statements. He vehemently denied the allegations, asserting their lack of substantiation.

The Nexus of Fame and Fracture

The burgeoning fame of Steve Harvey, coupled with Mary Harvey’s dwindling tolerance for her husband’s celebrity status, compounded the complexities of their divorce. Though custody was awarded to Steve, Mary Lee Harvey secured the residence of Steve Harvey and a monthly alimony of US$40,000 for four years.

Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth

Rumours substantiate the claim that Mary Lee gained possession of Steve Harvey’s residence and a recurring stipend of US$40,000.

Mary Lee Harvey’s accumulated success across diverse ventures has been attributed to her estimated net worth of US$1 million.

Social Media Presence

Find her on Instagram at @marjorie_harvey and on Twitter as @msharveyisback.

Mary Harvey is the second wife of popular American comedian, television presenter, broadcaster, and author Steve Harvey. Although the couple separated more than a decade ago, she is still a person of interest to media outlets and her husband’s fans.

How many times did Steve Harvey get married?

He got married almost three times.

Where is Mary Lee Harvey now?

She is presently in the United States.

How old is Mary Lee Harvey?

As of 2023, she is 63 years old.

Who is Mary Lee Harvey married to?

She was married to Steve Harvey. There are no details about her present lover.

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