Biography: Here’s all you need to know about Omah Lay

Omah Stanley Didia popularly known as Omah Lay, born in 1997, The singer is also a Port Harcourt bred. Undoubtedly, singer and music producer is budding is a new act to watch out for. At just 23 years of age, Omah Lay has managed to attract multitudes of fans with his introspective and hedonistic music.

Omah schooled all his life in Port Harcourt from attending Comprehensive High School in Rivers State. He then proceeded to join the University of Port Harcourt. Omah Lay’s interest in music started off after he watched his grandfather played the role of a percussionist for the legendary Highlife singer Celestine Ukwu until his death in 1976. His dad also took up drumming. This added to Omah’s love for music. Omah Lay ventured into music after writing music for music artists. According to the popular act, he was not given much credit for his writing efforts so he decided to step up on his game.

Omah Lay was first signed to a record label called KeyQaad in June 2019. The move made him leave Port Harcourt for Lagos for the first time. He is currently signed to the Dvpper Music record label.

Omah Lay’s music has been reported as being: at once introspective and hedonistic, matched with the vibrancy of alt-pop production, sometimes crafted by the artist himself. Speaking about his musical style, the artist revealed, “I make afrobeats. This is what we do. In my own making of afrobeats, I don’t like to get myself all boxed in, what it should sound like. I try my best to search every single place, you know, every single style. I want to do reggae, I want to do dancehall, but at the end, I want to do afrobeat. So I’m not trying to be boxed in.”

Omah Lay songs ranges from Hello Brother (2019) Do Not Disturb (2019) Alternate Cuts (2020) Tonight (2020). Omah released his debut EP, Get Layd. Get Layd contains five solid tracks with no feature. The tracks are: Melissa Missy Rothstein bio: Who is Bam Margera’s first wife? Bad Influence You Damn Lo Lo Ye Ye Ye.

He began working on Get Layd in August 2019, and the first song he recorded on the EP was Bad Influence. Omah combines both and presents us with a self-aware loverboy whose girl loves him regardless of his flaws.

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