Afton Smith biography: All you need to know about Brendan Fraser’s ex wife

Afton Smith

Afton Smith, who is Brendan Fraser’s ex-wife, is a popular actress and author from New York.

She is famous for acting in Pig Sty, A Reason to Believe, and George of the Jungle among others.

Brendan is well known for featuring in films such as The Mummy, Still Breathing, Encino Man, and Airheads.

Afton made her first appearance on the screen when she portrayed Kim in Less Than Zero, a crime drama movie by Marek Kanievska, in 1987. She also played roles in other productions such as Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, George of the Jungle, and Once Again.

Afton Smith was born on 3rd December in 1967, while her ex-husband was born on 3rd December in 1968.

She has not disclosed many details concerning her childhood, parents, and siblings.

She joined high school in Los Angeles and graduated in 1985. Later in 1989, she graduated from Upper Canada College.

Afton decided to quit acting in 2002 so that she could concentrate on raising her kids.

The actress met her ex-husband Brendan Fraser on July 4, 1993, at a barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house. Their love journey began on that night. They got engaged in October 1997 and married on September 27, 1998.

Does Brendan Fraser have a son? Yes. Brendan and Afton Fraser have three sons.

During the shooting of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in China, Brendan was on the set along with his co-star Maria Bello.

Unfortunately, there were unconfirmed speculations that the two stars, Fraser and Bello, developed some form of romantic chemistry during the movie’s production. As a result, Smith began doubting her husband. T

his had a negative effect on Brendan, and their marriage began to disintegrate. The couple sold their home in April 2007 for $3 million, and the Brendan Fraser divorce happened in December the same year.

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