100+ unpopular opinions that might not be all that unpopular

unpopular opinions

100+ unpopular opinions that might not be all that unpopular

Unpopular opinions are the beliefs, thoughts and perspective about life which an individual or a group of people accept to be true but not be necessarily accepted by others as most of these unpopular opinions could spark debate when they come up.

This article is focused on the list of 100+ unpopular opinions that might not be all that unpopular.

Read more of this article to the end to see unpopular opinions we have gathered

1. Vegetables are good for the body.

2. Cash can buy satisfaction.

3. Beyoncé is an overrated entertainer.

4. Crypto currency is one of the most misunderstood.

5. Football is more popular in the US than baseball is.

6. You can have children before you get married.

7. I’d prefer driving than with music playing.

8. Sausages do well when eaten with chilled drink

9. Onion taste better in fried eggs.

10. Brew are at their best in normal room temperature.

11. Attending Shows are waste of cash when you can simply listen music recordings online

12. Meeting with Friends is better than watching TV show.

13. Androids beats Apple iPhones.

14. Cinema popcorn aren’t better than those bough on the roadside.

15. New York City is over rated.

16. There’s no good reason for having an social media account.

17. Having children is not a must.

18. Radio shows are better than watching a network show.

19. Making your bed each day is underrated.

20. Paying attention to online music is the same as paying attention at a show.

21. Individuals that read are more brilliant.

22. Love is certainly not a decision.

23. Mangoes are better than mango juice.

24. Noodles are underrated

24. Grape made time wine are the best

Funny unpopular opinions are those that you may disagree but are actually considered funny.

25. Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi

26. McDonald is gives better treats than KFC

27. Facebook and Twitter are the same .

28. The USA is overrated technologically

29. Fish are better meat in a meal

30. Black leather shoes are fashionable than brown shoes

31. Parliamentary system of government is better presidential system

32. Teachers are overrated

33. Dogs do better than cats

34. Owing a car is better than having a bike.

35. Secondary school lovers stay together forever

36 An excursion to the hills is good than visiting the ocean side.

37. Motorcycle are faster than cars

38. Cold water is better for bathing than hot water

39. Chocolate is superior to Milkshake.

40. Harmattan is overrated

50. Winter is better than summer

51. The Star Wars film series isn’t so great

52. People care more with about their wedding parties than they do their marriage.

53. Pineapple do well than apple

54. Christmas trees ought to be real, not unnatural

55. EPL is better than other European leagues

56. Tomatoes are not fruits

57. Travels are more pleasant when lonely

58. Honey are better in tea than sugar

59. Carrot are not fruits

60. Travelling by air is overrated.

Relationship, society and food unpopular opinions.

In this category, we took a look at unpopular opinions that relates to relationships, society and food.

61. Water are better when cold

62. Wedding party with IV are self-centred

63. Individuals who are raised by strict parents end up becoming good citizens

64. frozen yoghurt is overrated

65. Big Brother is not a decent TV show.

66. Watermelon is tasteless

67. Pizza is better when it is homemade

68. Valentine’s day is overrated

69. The ocean side has the best view for pictures

70. Christmas without harmattan or snow isn’t Christmas.

71. You can drink alcohol and not get drunk

72. Getting gifts is a way to appreciate others

73. Cleaning is the most exceedingly difficult task.

74. Swimming in the sea is natural to swimming in a pool.

75. Rainfall is good for business

76. Alcohol is better in the winter

77. Football is the best spot in the world

78. Fall and winter are superior to spring and summer.

79. Democrats are better than Republicans

80. Bicycles are better than motorcycles

81. Life is not all about making money

82. There is one God

83. Having a professional education will give you a better life

84. Hot shower is better than cold shower

85. Flowers are underrated

86. Birthday cake tastes better when served as breakfast

87. Melon seed with vegetables is the best soup

88. Minimum wage is better than no pay

89. Silence may not always golden

90. Boiled eggs are great with tea

91. LinkedIn is the best social media platform

92. Wild animals should be eaten and not kept in the zoo

93. Traveling is a waste of money and time

94. Living along bring respects

95. Mathematics is the most difficult subject

96. Harry Potter book and film series are overrated

97. Chicken are better than turkey

98. Disney World is suppose to be free

99. Yoruba language is easy to learn

100. iPhones are mere luxury

101. A female president will do better than a male president

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