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‘My frequency is unmatchable’ Actor Yul Edochie warns those complaining about his voice spoiling TV set

Yule Edochie

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has warned those always complaining about his voice spoiling their TV set.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the actor said his voice might destroy people’s speakers or damage their TV set, and if such happens, they should buy a new one.

Yul Edochie bragged about his voice being unmatchable, and only angels sound like him.

He wrote: Warning: My voice might destroy your phone speakers, it may damage your TV set. If that happens, sorry, just buy a new one.

Only Angels sound like this. Leave am. Just leave am. My frequency is unmatchable.

Kemi Filani recalls that Yul Edochie recently cried out over a message he received from a fan accusing him of spoiling his television.

In the post shared on Instagram, a fan of the actor complained about what Yul Edochie’s voice cost his family.

The fan said while his family were watching a movie the actor featured in, immediately Yul Edochie’s part appeared the sound of the TV disappeared because of his stern voice.

The man advised the actor to reduce the base of his voice, adding it’s the main reason he messaged Yul to tell him what his voice has cost his TV.

The fan wrote; Bros I want to lodge a complaint about what you cost my family… When we are watching your movie my sorrow of pain not long on AMEpic when your part appears as your talking your voice point our TV 43” and the sound disappears because of your hard voice.

Now we are not watching the tv again… Pls reduce the base of your voice that’s why I added you to tell what your voice cost our TV.

Yul Edochie voice
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