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‘Rumour’s don’t scare me’ Actress Kemi Afolabi

Kemi Afolabi

Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi, a few days after she said that people should leave her alone, has declared she is not scared of rumours.

Apart from the fame and being in the spotlight, many Nigerian celebrities experience difficulties dealing with rumours and scandals.

However, Kemi Afolabi seemed different about people or social media speculations rumours about her.

Sharing a video of herself dancing excitedly, Kemi Afolabi said rumours do not scare her because she knows what she has done and what she didn’t do.

She wrote: Rumours don’t scare me! I know what I did and didn’t.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Kemi Afolabi opined that Marriage is not a ticket to heaven, and if it didn’t work out well for an individual, that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying their life.

Kemi Afolabi made this known in an interview with Broadway TV, stating that being married is about co-existing with one’s partner to live in love and have offspring.

According to Kemi Afolabi, people should consider marrying their friend, and there is no big deal when marriage does not work out.

Kemi Afolabi added that being married has nothing to do with being a celebrity, and marriage is not a ticket to heaven.

Kemi Afolabi
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