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Nollywood actor Ibrahim Suleiman reveals how a friend sabotaged him from getting a movie role

ibrahim suleiman

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Suleiman has taken to social media to reveal a friend that sabotaged him from getting a movie role.

According to him, this particular ‘friend’ had gone to meet the producer behind his back to stop him from a role that was supposed to be assigned to him.

The actor stated he had already been fully booked even though he was displeased about the act of betrayal and urged his undisclosed turned enemy to keep note of his tweet in the nearest when he comes crying wolf.

He tweeted:

Found out that someone I consider my friend literally talked a producer into not considering me for a role.

I am tweeting this as per I know you’ll see it. So that the day you cry wolf I will quote tweet this. And everybody go face front.

Till then, I am kuku fully booked.

Ibrahim Suleiman is one of the fluent speakers of the Hausa language who had ventured into acting in the Nollywood industry although he hails from Edo state. He has break ground in his career as he is recognised as one of the most successful northern bred actors.

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