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‘I can never thank her enough’ Mo Abudu shares video of her mother praying passionately for her

MO Abudu and mother

The CEO of Ebonylife TV, Mo Abudu, is still basking in the euphoria of her 57th birthday as she shares a beautiful video of her mother passionately praying for her.

In the post shared on her Instagram page, Mo Abudu said she couldn’t thank her mother enough for all her prayers and love, which is never-ending.

Mo Abudu attributed her success in life and career to the grace of God and her praying mother, who she always calls first at the slightest challenge or idea.

According to Mo Abudu, her mother often fasts and prays for her, sends her bible passages and prayers drafted by her.

Mo Abudu advises her fans to guard their mothers closely, love and cherish them because they are special and hold extraordinary anointing over their children’s lives.

She wrote; Good morning beautiful people. There is nothing like the prayer of a mother. Most of you know my mum, but please meet her again, my darling mum that by His Special Grace will turn 80 in a few months.

I can never thank my mother enough for all her love and prayers. It’s never ending. Whoever I am today, or what I become tomorrow, it’s by the GRACE OF GOD and that of my PRAYING MOTHER. This amazing woman you see right here, at the slightest challenge or idea i have, i call her first and say Mummy, “what are your thoughts” – “what do i do” ? instantly without a doubt she says ” leave it to me”.

Before you know it mummy is fasting and praying. Sending me bible passages and special prayers drafted by her. Often along with very practical advice. So please everyone, guard your mothers closely, love them, cherish them and take care of them. They are really special and hold extraordinary anointing over the lives of their children.

Thank you so much mummy. Love you dearly. Epe fun mi o! Epe fun wa o! My mummy looking super hot

Mo Abudu
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