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‘I’m broken, how do I get over this’ Kemi Olunloyo cries out about being destroyed by her baby daddy Babatunde Ogunade

kemi olunloyo

Controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has revealed she is heartbroken and has been at peace with herself
until her past came to destroy her.

This comes a few weeks after Kemi Olunloyo announced that her eldest son reunited with her baby daddy, Babatunde Ogunade, after he abandoned them for over 30 years.

In a post shared on her Instagram, the journalist said she is pained that Ogunade after he reconnected with their son
continued feeding him with lies that she kept him away from his father, whereas Babatunde abandoned them.

According to Kemi, Ogunade took advantage of their son’s development disability, told his friends that he had been cured and deprives her of access to her son.

Kemi also rain curses on members of her family who gave Babatunde Ogunnade access to their child without her consent.

She wrote: I am BROKEN How do I get over this? I was at peace with my past which made me who I am until my past came to destroy me again. Telling my son I kept him from you Babs Ogunade is like the devil showing up in my home.

You missed the delivery room, the first walk, 34 birthdays, high school graduation, hand severed and reattached in surgery, everything. You have never reached out to me but did this to me while I’m alive?

My son no longer speaks to me. You took advantage of his developmental disability telling your friends he’s “cured” of Autism. This is wickedness at its peak. I will not fight to get my child back.

God will punish everyone in my family who gave you access to my child without my knowledge. May they NEVER KNOW PEACE. AMEN. I still don’t know who introduced Mr Babatunde Ogunade to my son without my knowledge.

Kemi Olunloyo
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