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‘You took the ugliness from your father’s village’,Bovi’s wife to her daughter during a hilarious argument

Bovi n daughter

Kris Asimonye Ugboma, wife of the famous Comedian, Bovi Ugboma has informed her daughter, Uyoyo Ugboma, she got her ugliness from her father’s village during a heated conversation.

The whole thing started when Kris called Uyoyo out for her looks, and she insisted that half of her mother’s beauty was transferred to her while she was given birth to, which literally means her mother is also ugly.

In the hilarious video, Kris infuriated told Uyoyo she got her looks from her father’s village and she replied ‘Who married someone from my father’s village?’.

Taking to Instagram, Bovi judged both sides and described his daughter as being a cruise master and smart for stating the obvious and giving a heavy comeback to her mother.

He wrote:

Who needs a lawyer when you have a heir? Setting the records straight. Meanwhile she didn’t tell one lie! 😩😩😩. @uyoyogram is cruise control. @krisasimonye is a hater

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