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Popular Nigerian pastor, Joseph Agboli is DEAD

Joseph Agboli is late

Victorious Army Ministries (VAM) founder Reverend Joseph Agboli died in a London hospital where he was undergoing treatment for a heart problem.

Joseph died on Wednesday, August 25th 2021.

He had been diagnosed with a heart problem, according to reports.

Agboli, who is now in his 50s, started VAM in 1995. The church has branches throughout the Southern States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In 1998, the worship facility and international headquarters were erected on Acme Road in Ogba, Lagos.
The deceased’s wife was Pastor Blessing, an author and speaker.

The wife is the leader of the VAM’s Victorious Virtuous Women, where she organizes and instructs single and married people.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

Kemi Filani News recalls that in an interview in 2016, Joseph disclosed the secret to his success as well as the astounding signs and wonders taking place at the Lagos church on Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja. He had already indicated plans to commemorate their anniversary.

“The church began in my home with roughly 70 people who showed up uninvited. I didn’t even fast when the Lord summoned me and told me I needed to recruit an army. I didn’t climb any of the mountains.
But, if you’re sending me to recruit an army and construct you an impressive church without blemishes or wrinkles, I told the Lord, He should do it his way. Surprisingly, I was still lying down on the bed one Sunday, refusing to pray about it, and still 70 people showed up for church service that day. My wife was almost as though she was inquiring about their goal.”

“They claimed they had come to worship. When we asked who told you about the church, some people responded they didn’t know, while others stated they felt compelled to go. Some of them claimed that the Lord told them that a church service was taking place nearby. And they were essentially strangers who we had never met before. I didn’t even tell my wife about it. And she dashed into the room, telling the pastor, “Pastor, get dressed; a church service must be held in this house today.” I thought she was joking, but then I heard a song that said, “Praising the Lord always.” I dashed to the restroom, dressed up, and rushed over to join them.”

“And interestingly, I used my dining table as my first podium (laughs) to preach that very day and before we knew it, the church has increased tremendously.”

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