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Actor Junior Pope berates his colleague, Onyi Alex, for saying it’s a sin for a broke man to fall in love with her

Junior Pope Knocks Onyi Alex

Nollywood actor Junior Pope Odonwodu has slammed her colleague Onyi Alex for saying it’s a sin for a broke man to falling love with her.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Onyi Alex, in a post shared on her Instagram story said, she hustles hard because she doesn’t want to be broke, and it would be nice for broke men to admire her from a distance.

According to the actress, her goal in marriage is two hustlers and not one hustler and a leach.

Reacting to the post, Junior Pope, who felt displeased with the statement, questioned the actress about how rich men helped 95 per cent of broke women and set them up, wondering why it can’t happen the other way round.

Junior Pope advises netizens not to be deceived by what they see on social media stating with a broke guy or girl with prospects, and one can build an empire.

The actor added that life is a process, and people should not allow social media to pressure them as they are doing well in their little way.

He wrote: But Na rich men help 95 per cent of all the broke women before and set them up…Why can’t it happen the other way round…(Just asking for a friend) My dear sister don’t be deceived…

Social media will fuck your psych up… with a broke guy or girl with prospects you can build an empire… It’s a process… make them no use pressure kill una…In your little way, you are tying.

Junior pope slams Onyi Alex
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