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‘Daddy’s carbon copy’ Fans react to photo of Veteran actor Ogogo and his daughter, Kira

taiwo hassan n daughter

Fans of the veteran actor, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo have massively reacted to the photo of himself and his daughter, Kira that emerged online.

Ogogo, who had shared a photo of himself and his daughter at a party had raised several brows to their striking resemblance, hence, this is a typical example of blood is thicker than water.

He wrote:

About the other day at an event

Keep the energy around you waxing . @kira_taiwo

Kira, whose full name is Shakira Olawunmi Taiwo is also an actress and an online comedian in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Nigerians are amazed at how she possessed not only his physical traits but also his line of career, which she started nurturing from a tender age.

See comments:

@otibiyareign_official wrote: Omo to jo daddy.

@peenfaces wrote: Daddy’s carbon copy

@siakakani wrote: No DNA 🩸💯🤲👸

@bisoye.onanuga wrote: Her daddy’s copy ❤️❤️❤️

@riha4real wrote: Masha Allah the resemblance is too much 🙌🙌❤️

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‘Today makes it 51 years I lost my dad’ Veteran actor Ogogo shares a look-alike photo in memory of his dad

taiwo hassan

Nollywood veteran actor, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo Omo Kulodo, has taken to social media to pay respect to his dad after 51 years of his death.

In a look-alike photo of his dad, one might easily spot the striking resemblance at a glance.

The actor revealed his title 'Omo Kulodo' was passed to him by his late father, who once bore the name while he was alive, as he eulogised him in his native language.

Appreciating his dad for bringing him into the world to make an impact, he also prayed to God for him to have a peaceful rest and the softness of heaven.

He wrote:

Looking at the face you will surely...

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