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Alex Ekubo, Fancy Acholonu keep shut hours after speculated breakup

Reactions as Alex Ekubo and fiance reportedly separate a few weeks to the wedding

Popular Nigerian celebrity couple, Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu, have both gone completely silent after reports made the rounds that their much publicized and highly anticipated wedding might not hold.

Kemi FIlani News earlier shared the reports that following speculations from different online sources.

Many people have thought that the star and his fiancee are planning a stunt. Unfollowing one’s spouse on social media is still frequently thought to signify the end of a relationship or a sign of turmoil.

The joint Instagram profile designed for their wedding was also deleted in the midst of their breakup, sparking suspicion among their supporters and lovers.

The actor and his ‘girlfriend’, a model located in the United States, have yet to respond to the viral news, and Kemi Filani News is waiting for confirmation or rejection.

As a well-known public figure, Alex owes it to his admirers (fans) to inform them whether they should be thrilled about the much-publicized November wedding or not.

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