15 years old girl dies while sleeping with older man in car

15 years old girl dies

A 15-year-old girl, Gabrielly Dickson Alves Nascimento died in a car  while having s.e.x with a 26-year-old man.

The adolescent is believed to have died of an apparent heart attack, however the findings of a post-mortem are still pending.
On Thursday, July 29, Gabrielly Dickson Alves Nascimento was transported to the hospital after the anonymous male noticed she had passed out while they were having sex.
He informed authorities that he was having sex with the youngster when her lips and complexion turned pale and her hands spasmed behind her.

Doctors at the UPA Jardim Casquiero medical center in Cubato, S. Paulo, diagnosed Dickson with cardiopulmonary arrest but were unable to resuscitate her, and she died the next morning, July 30, in the early hours of the morning.
A preliminary medical check revealed blood in the girl’s genital region, but no other signs of a physical attack.
Because the age of sexual consent in Brazil is 14, the older male, described as a “general services assistant,” is not believed to have been charged with any crime.
On social media, friends, family, and neighbors have paid tribute to the adolescent.
Friends and classmates characterized the girl as hardworking, diligent, joyful, and well-liked by all.

Dickson’s final post on Twitter, shared just two days before her death, read: “Who is it that hates me?”

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Olympics: After calling on his God, Ese Brume dedicates her medal to Bishop Oyedepo

ese brume oyedepo

Nigerian Tokyo Olympics Bronze medallist, Ese Brume, has dedicated her medal to Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners’ Chapel.

Before leaping to her first Olympic medal with a jump of 6.97m, she could be seen saying “God of David Oyedepo, I want to do this.”

Speaking after her win, she said she was dedicating her first Olympic medal to Bishop Oyedepo, her coach, Kayode Gaya, and her family.

“This medal means a lot to me. It doesn’t matter the colour. First I dedicate it to Bishop Oyedepo and I plan to decorate him with the medal later”, she said amidst sobs and wiping her tears.

“I’m super excited that I made it to the top three at the Olympics. Honestly, I can’t contend with my joy.

The Nigerian Olympian leapt 6.97 metres with her very first jump...

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