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‘Never think you have to impress to be noticed’ Actress Debbie Shokoya educates people with low self-esteem

debbie shokoya

Yoruba star actress Debbie Shokoya has taken to social media to educate those with low self-esteem.

According to the actress, low self-esteem should not think they have to impress to be noticed or need to please people to be in their good book.

Sharing a video on Instagram, she has advised these sets of people to start believing in themselves, most importantly love themselves and discover their greatness in life.

She wrote:
Never Think You Are Not Enough!!👍
Never Think You Have To Impress To Be Noticed!!👍
Never Think You Need Someone To Believe In You Before You Get A Breakthrough!!👍
Never Think You Have To Be Silence, So As To Be Loved😊
Never Think You Have To Please People, Just To Be In Their Good Book!!😊
Never Think You Have To Bend Yourself For That Man/Woman, So As To See You Worthy😊

All This Are Low Self Esteem!!💯
You Have All It Takes, You Just Need To Start Believing In Yourself!!
You Are Enough And You Will Always Be!!✊
Go Out Today And Unleash That Greatness In You😉
Keep Discovering Yourself, They Are Coming To Salute You!!
But Before Then, Fight It All And Love Yourself So Much🙏🏻

If It’s Not Unusual, Then It Is Not Debbie Shokoya🥰
July 19 Queen With The Spark💯

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‘Pursue life with intentionality’ Actress Toyin Abraham advises fans

Toyin Abraham launches clothing line

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has advised her fans and followers to be purposive about their lives, hoping that their dream will always be valid as long as they live.

In a post shared on Instagram, Toyin Abraham said a person should realise that the turning point that they have been waiting for is not for others to believe them, but they should believe in themselves.

Toyin Abraham adds that people should trust themselves more than they doubt themselves so that doubt will not rob them of the opportunities they need towards achieving their dreams.

According to Toyin Abraham, people should learn to persevere more when they feel the urge to quit and stay joyful.

She wrote: Today, I hope you pursue life...

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‘Despite the struggle, I won’ Actress Uche Elendu says as she celebrates her birthday with stunning photos

Uche Elendu celebrates her birthday

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has taken to social media to express appreciation to God as she celebrates her birthday.

Uche Elendu said she's grateful to God for not letting her down and despite all challenges encountered, she won.

In a subsequent post, Uche Elendu shut down critics, stating they are not God and she is blessed beyond their understanding.

The actress further reaffirmed the popular saying that what God cannot do does not exist.

Happy Birthday to Me. I am Specially grateful to God for not letting me down, despite the struggle, We Won!!Shut Up!! Are you God??? I am BLESSED beyond your understanding. God dit it! What God cannot do does not exist!!!!



Crisis in Synagogue church as leadership rejects TB Joshua’s wife as successor

Evelyn Joshua, TB Joshua successor

It appears that all is not well with the family and stakeholders of the late Pastor TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, who died on Saturday, June 5, 2021, days before his 58th birthday.

He passed away on June 5th, 2021 after he excused himself while preaching owing to some discomfort he was feeling and asked to be allowed to take a break. He entered into his private chambers to rest for a short while and that was the last time the congregation saw him alive. He was found unconscious as he slumped on a chair in the room. A couple of hours later, he was pronounced dead by doctors.

The wife, Evelyn Joshua has since continued the administration of the church and facilities Sunday Services amidst plans for final burial...

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