Milo William Langdon: All you need to know about the Actor and Musician

Milo William Langdon biography

For many who are lovers of foreign music and movies, Milo William is not an unknown figure to them. Perhaps you among the few that don’t know him or you want to know more about him, then this is for you.

Profile Summary

Name: Milo William Langdon
Age (2020): 16
Date of Birth: 14 December 2004
Parents (Biological): Royston William Langdon and Liv Tyler
Step-father: David Gardner
Siblings: Sailor Gene Gardner, Grey Gardner, Lula Rose Gardner
Net worth (2021): $100,000
Nationality: American (White)

Milo’s Biography

Milo William Langdon was born to the family of William Langdon on 14 December 2004 in Manhattan borough, the most densely populated of the 5 boroughs of New York City, United States. His biological parents are Royston William Langdon (father) and Liv Tyler (mother). Royston and Liv had Milo as their first child in the first 20 months of their marriage before their divorce 5 years later for mutual reasons. That is, they got married on 25 March, 2003 and divorced in 2009 when Milo was 5 years old.

Though information about Milos education is not really made public, however, both parents are famous entertainers – the mother being a renowned American Actress and the father a famous English singer. By extension, Milo happens to be the grandson of the legend American singer, songwriter, actor and producer, Steve Tyler. A good pointer that Milo has the arts of entertainment running through his veins, and consequently one of the main reason for Milos choice of career.

Parents, influence and career
By December 14, 2021, the teenage Superstar would be 17 years old. As earlier said, Milos parents are divorced but the celebrity is under the custody of his mom and stepfather (David Gardner). As a celebrity from childhood and the son of celebrated persons, Milo had a decent upbringing, and even as a son between the two divorcees, he still maintains and shares amazing relationship with dad and mom. The sense of love and unity he has developed with his biological parents helped Milo to keep a great bond with his half brothers and sister. In fact, it was said that Milo was extremely excited at the sight of her half-sister, Lula, when her mum was delivered of her. This sense of oneness keeps him moving as a teenager in the entertainment industry.

Today, Milo has got himself famous as a lead singer and bassist for his music band, the rock space rocket. As a young teen at the early stages of his career in the entertainment industry, Milo makes himself some income from his chosen career.

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Charlotte Easton Gillies biography

Charlotte Easton Gillies: All you need to know about Daniel Gillies and Rachael Leigh's daughter

There is a privilege that comes with being born to celebrity parents; the same applies in the case of Charlotte Easton Gillies, who is the daughter of Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies.

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Age: (2021)8
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Erin Odenkirk: All you need to know about Bob Odenkirk's daughter

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While many may not know who Erin Odenkirk is, however, a search of her father's name on search engines will pop up with various details like his celebrity status, movies among others.

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