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Married Instagram twerker, Jane Mena cautions women who are impressed by a man’s money

Jane Mena

Married Instagram twerk star, Jane Mena, has taken to social media to address women who are impressed by a man’s money.

According to the Asaba based Instagram content creator, women who are only impressed by a man’s money are dumb.

She shared a bathroom photo of herself and wrote, “D*mb chicks are the only ones who are impressed by a man’s money Sister, Be impressed by what he does for you and how he sets you up for future purposes. A rich/wealthy man who practically does nothing for you is not a flex in anyway. He’s inferior to an average man who actually does for you. N:B Your man must always be a flex. Otherwise, he’s pointless and usel*ess”

Jane Mena who is known for twerking on Instagram married her long time boyfriend, Andre on the 14th of December, 2019. Jane wowed guests at her wedding when she hopped on her hubby and gave him a steamy lap dance.

Jane became an internet sensation and a social media celebrity by “twerking all the way up.”

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