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‘I want more’ – Girl with the ‘biggest lips in the world’ says

Andrea Ivanova

A student, and self acclaimed owner of the “largest lips in the world” after having lip fillers, has revealed that she plans on having more surgery to make it more bigger.

23-year-old Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria, first had hyaluronic acid fillers in 2018 and now gets a top up every single month.

She told the Daily Star: “I really like more voluminous and big lips and I really wanted to see how they will look on my face, and get I like it much more with much bigger lips.

“I have 25 injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips at the moment, I have not calculated how much money I have spent in total, an injection of hyaluronic acid here in Bulgaria costs 400 leva (about 200 pounds per 1 injection).”

To get 25 injections, the lip filler addict spends around £5,000.

In addition to large lips, Andrea also got a silicone bust, that is 600 cubic meters of silicone on the breast, a total of 1200 cubic meters.

She explained that she “always wanted to be different, stand out from the crowd and be more eccentric.”

She added: “I like the eccentric and extravagant look.”

Andrea, who is studying German philosophy at Sofia University, says her family and friends do not support her appearance and she also gets hate comments from strangers.

However, she isn’t deterred and even has plans to get more surgery.

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Panic as 3541 cases of cholera hit Norther Nigeria in 2 weeks

Cholera in Plateau

Northern Nigeria has recorded 3541 cholera cases in just two weeks.

Six states in Northern Nigeria reported 3,541 cases of cholera in the last two weeks, 13 June to 26 June precisely, with 325 dead in six months.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), gave the figures in Abuja today.

Most affected is Bauchi state, which has recorded 2,139 cases, about one-seventh of the 14,343 cases posted from January to June.

Kano, is the second worst affected state. It logged 937 cases in the last two weeks.

Other states with cholera cases in the last two weeks are Zamfara with 169 cases and Kaduna with 129.

Niger reported 62...

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Married Instagram twerker, Jane Mena cautions women who are impressed by a man’s money

Jane Mena

Married Instagram twerk star, Jane Mena, has taken to social media to address women who are impressed by a man's money.

According to the Asaba based Instagram content creator, women who are only impressed by a man's money are dumb.

She shared a bathroom photo of herself and wrote, "D*mb chicks are the only ones who are impressed by a man’s money Sister, Be impressed by what he does for you and how he sets you up for future purposes. A rich/wealthy man who practically does nothing for you is not a flex in anyway. He’s inferior to an average man who actually does for you. N:B Your man must always be a flex. Otherwise, he’s pointless and usel*ess"

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BBNaija’s Rico Swavey mocks Olamide’s artist, Temi as she opens up on her mental health struggle

Temi and Rico Swavey

Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Rico Swavey, has reacted to a post made by fast rising Nigerian singer and Olamide's artist, Temi Ovwasa, after she opened up about her mental health struggles.

Temi took to her Instagram page to callout and slam Nigerians who make fun of people suffering from mental issues and mocking "Yaba Left". She then opened up on how her mother never gave up on her when she was at her most damaged.

She wrote, "If you've dealt with psychosis or any form of mental illness that removes inhibition , You know "The look".

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