How to share data on Glo?

share data on Glo

How to share data on Glo?

Are you a Glo subscriber and are having issues sharing excessive data with your loved ones? Or you want to gift data to a particular person, but you don’t want them to use from your subscription?

Well, we have what you need; take your time to read through.

Globacom, also known as Glo, is one of the biggest telecommunication firms in Nigeria. However, unlike the other players in the industry who have international backing, Glo is home-based and is owned by the second richest man in Nigeria, Mike Adenuga. The network provider has a reach in some other African countries apart from Nigeria.

When you talk of cheap data, Glo will most likely top the list.

To help when it comes to sharing data, we have carefully taken our time to spell out the procedures carefully.

There are various ways to share data on Glo, and one is if you intend to grant unlimited access to your data to a closed one or relative, then this is for you.

The steps below will explain how to share Glo data with others or another Glo line.

  1. Share Glo data using USSD codes

Dial 12701* [number of a friend or relative]# .e.g. 12701*08051234567#

Once the process is completed, you will get an immediate message that confirms that you are now sharing your data with the person’s number.

  1. Another process is through Text

Open your SMS composer

For the recipient number, write 127 

In the compose box, type: Share [number]. E.g. Share 08051234567.

Also, a confirmation message will appear on your phone indicating that the number is now sharing your Glo data.

  1. You can also make use of the *777# USSD code to share Glo data.

Follow the steps below;

Dial *777# and following the options made available.

When the process is complete, a message will appear that reads: “Your request for Data sharing has been sent.”

A second confirmation message will read that you have successfully shared your data.

Perhaps it gets to a point when you feel a relative or close one is excessively using your data after adding them; Do you know you can remove them as well.

Follow one of the processes below;

  1. Dial 12702*[number of this person]#. E.g. *1270108051234567#

You will get a message immediately confirming that the person’s number has been removed from sharing your data.

  1. Open your SMS composer and send: “Remove [number]” to 127. E.g. Type “Remove 08051234567” without the quotes and send it to 127.

You will get a message confirming that the person’s number has been removed from sharing Glo data with you.

  1. Make use of the *777# USSD code to unshare your data. This is how you do it:

Dial *777# and choose from the options

Choose 1 “Data”

Choose 3 “Share Data Plan”

Choose 2 “Unshare” and “Enter the subscriber’s number.”

A message will appear to confirm the process has been done.

How to know the Glo numbers you are sharing data with;

  1. Dial 12700#. This code will show you the numbers sharing your data plan subscription.
  2. Another option is to open your SMS composer and send List to 127. 

Aside from the offline methods listed above, Glo subscribers can also share data online. There are two ways to do this 

1.  You can make use of Glo Café 

  1. You can visit from your device with a Glo SIM and use the sharing feature on the platform.

Perhaps you want to send data as a gift to a loved one and do not want them to share your subscription with you; Glo has another plan call Glo Gift. 

Once sent, the recipient will be notified via a customised SMS that they have been gifted data.

You can follow one of the processes below;

  1. You can visit the Glo website to do this
  2. You can also dial 127[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]# Send “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127. 
  3. Likewise, you can go to from your device with a Glo SIM and use the gifting feature. 
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