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Bobrisky reacts to speculations of being used after Ubi Franklin exposed his lies

Bobrisky and Ubi

Controversial Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye, popularly called Bobrisky, has reacted to speculations of being used by music executive Ubi Franklin after exposing his lies about undergoing Brazillian Butt surgery.

Bobrisky, for some time now, has generated a lot of reactions following the unveiling of his post-surgery body as social media users blast him for lying, claiming the photos shared were all photoshopped.

However, Bobrisky attended the birthday of famous socialite Lady Golfer over the weekend and took pictures with Ubi Franklin and was shared on Instagram.

During the event, Ubi Franklin’s live video captured Bobrisky dancing but later deleted the photos and videos after netizens dragged Bobrisky for lying about his body and undergoing surgery.

Meanwhile, an Instagram blogger, Cutie-Julls, shared on his page that Ubi Franklin and Lady Golfer were using Bobrisky to gain publicity.

According to the blogger, Ubi Franklin’s Instagram insight experienced an increase and Lady Golfer’s birthday became viral on social media because of Bobrisky.

Reacting to this, Bobrisky refuted claims of being used by anyone as he instructed Ubi Franklin to delete the video because of social media rants.

Bobrisky added that netizens should stop ranting and acting pained over his body.

See the post below:

So Ubi deleted him and Bob’s pic after getting over 10k likes and deleted his live video where our mama’s hips was casted after getting over 180k views..

Las las, chose your company well o so them no go use your head play tennis ball.

Abeg, no one should come for me. Our billionaire Ubi could have stopped the live video and start all over again if they really didn’t want to cast mama. Ubi saved the live video and reposted on his page as a feed without cropping Bob’s part out. After all it was few seconds into the live. They left the live video there overnight.

Ubi’s insight went up, Lady Golfer’s birthday video went viral cuz of Bob. Now they haff deleted the video after 180k views. las las, Bob thought he was invited cuz she is a big girl but hard truth is he was only a commodity and his purpose has been served.

At the end of the day, we can’t blame or sympathise with anyone. Bob got to hang out with his “rich geng friends, Ubi’s insight went up cuz Bob’s whole surgery was casted, Lady Golfer’s birthday party went viral.

Abeg, A talk my own. Use your brains o, so your friends no go use your head play tennis ball.
Love and light, Bob, Lady Golfer and Ubi.

Bobrisky wrote: Nobody used me pls, if I wasn’t comfortable with d video I will tell ubi not to post it and he won’t. As for the video ubi deleted I asked him to delete it cos we know many of you jobless fools will rant about my body. For crying out loud is my body y pained and still ranting… fool

Bobrisky face
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