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Actor Salami Rotimi robbed by Gunmen in Mile 2

Popular Nollywood actor, Salami Rotimi, was attacked by med robbers while he was in a traffic jam on Monday.

Narrating the incident on his Instagram page, the actor posted a video showing the damage done to his car by the attackers.

“Guys, I just got robbed like an hour ago, I just got robbed along Mile 2,” the actor said in the video.

In the caption, Salami clarified that while he was not hurt, his car suffered damages. He also explained that his car was caught between trailers in the standstill traffic when he was attacked.

“I am not hurt. In between trailers in a stand still traffic… 4 very young boys showed up from no where, Broke my car glass with gun when I refused to whine down. Threatening to shoot if I and my kid brother don’t drop our phones.. Thank God I was sluggish to drop both phones, I gave one and while I was trying to disconnect the other and give to them, people showed up and chased them but they flee with 2 standby bikes parked on the other side of the road.

Please note: do not respond to any WhatsApp chat from the number 08051104332

And please speak to me directly before transacting any business with me this period.

Those boys can do anything with that phone.”

The filmmaker also said the armed robbers threatened to shoot him and his younger brother who was with him in the car if they refused to drop their phones.

While trying to disconnect his other phone, help came his way as motorcyclists parked on the other side of the road chased the boys away.

He then warned people not to respond to any WhatsApp chats from his phone number but speak directly with him before transacting any business.

A few weeks ago,  Rotimi Salami addressed the rumoured affair with his colleague, Allwell Ademola.

When asked his relationship with actress, Allwell Ademola?

The award winning father of two said, ‘ Allwell Ademola is my everything, I love her so much, she is someone I can say in the Yoruba sector, she got my back big time.

The first Yoruba movie I produced, she wrote the script, coordinated it and directed it.

Afterwards, other opportunities I got came from her. She got me roles through lots of recommendations,” he said.

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Panic as WHO cries out as COVID-19 deaths increase again

covid 19

The World Health Organisation has raised an alarm on the increase of COVID-19 deaths after 10 weeks of decline.

Tedros Adhanom, WHO Director General disclosed this at a media briefing on COVID-19 held on Monday in Geneva.

Adhanom noted that the increase in COVID-19 deaths is evident in five of the six WHO regions.

“Last week marked the fourth consecutive week of increasing cases of COVID-19 globally, with increases recorded in all but one of WHO’s six regions. And after 10 weeks of declines, deaths are increasing again,” Adhanom said.

He added that the spike in COVID-19 death and cases can be attributed to the surge of the Delta variant in different countries.

The DG said, “We...

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‘Filming has helped me learn new culture’ Actor Alex Ekubo reveals the importance of acting in a different country

Alex Ekubo replies a troll

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has undoubtedly enjoyed his new movie location and has revealed to people the importance of having to film in a different country.

KFN recalls the actor has taken to social media to declare Cameroon his second home after enjoying so many privileges during his stay in Cameroon.

Alex has been free to use his Twitter handle after twitter was officially banned in Nigeria and has experienced a constant power supply since he began his stay in Cameroon.

However, the charming actor had gone to Cameroon clearly for business purposes and, in the process, learn about their culture and meet new people.

Speaking further, Cameroon has been a fun place to be for the actor as he completely...

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‘After three miscarriages’ Comedian BasketMouth’s wife shares pregnancy photos

Elsie Okpocha shares maternity shoot

Popular comedian, Basket Mouth's wife, Elsie, has shared lovely photos from her maternity shoot after 3 miscarriages.

Elsie Okpocha whose birthday is today, July 13th, testified about how she prayed endlessly and craved having more kids after birthing two.

She took to her verified Instagram page and wrote, "I prayed for this, Endlessly. I craved for it desperately(yea even after 2 kids, lol) And after 3 Miscarriages…. God said it was time….his perfect time!!! It’s A NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!"

"A Happy Birthday to me!!!!! God did finally hear one of major prayers and i can’t thank him enough…. He has made me one of the happiest girls in the world…. This is my TESTIMONY. It’s A NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!"

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