Movie review: Bovi’s My Village People is scary, funny and intriguing

So, over the weekend, we went to see the much talked about Movie, My Village People, produced by Comedian Bovi Ugbomma and directed by Niyi Akinmolayan.

My Village People tells the story of Prince played by Bovi, a middle-aged man, and his tussle with witches, marine spirits and dark forces who want his life after a visit to his village for his sister’s wedding. He lost his job, his sanity and was at the verge of losing his life when the help he never expected showed up.

The movie stars , Bovi Ugbomma, Sophie Alakija, Theresa Edem, Nkem Owoh ,Venita Akpofure, Charles Inojie, Rachel Oniga, Ada Ameh, Amaechi Muonagor, Akah Nnani and Zubby Michael and lots of others.

My Village People which is a combination of horror and comedy in one movie has an interesting story line but had some lapses.

However, since it is more of comedy, some of those loopholes could be pardoned by us.

Aside being a comedy movie mixed with scary scenes, My Village People could have been more interested if the writers were able to breakdown the different segments of the ‘village people’.

“My Village People” does not deliver a worthy story for its potent and relative subject matter, it is actually deeper than the movie showcased.

Another issue we had with village people is Bovi’s performance. As a seasoned entertainer, we expected more from him in terms of adding emotions and relatable facial expressions to his predicaments.

Well, he is more of a comedian, so he must have mistaken some serious roles for comedy too.

An example is the scene where the three ‘Senior’ witches suddenly appear in front of his car at the wee hours while on his way to Lagos, Bovi’s look was more like someone who expected such visitors at that time.

We had expected a sterling performance from him, sadly, we were disappointed but Sophia Alakija, Theresa Edem (Haggai), Nkem Owoh (Professor) made it up. Kudos to them!

As you know Kemi Filani always likes happy ending and My Village People drew the curtain with an unexpected happy ending.

Rated 7/10 by us. Enjoy!

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