‘You need your brain examined’ Actor Femi Branch blasts his colleague Yemi Solade over his comment on Twitter ban

Femi Branch and Yemi solade

Nollywood actor Femi Branch has berated his colleague Yemi Solade for saying Twitter insulted President Muhammadu Buhari by deleting his genocidal tweet against the South East.

Kemifilani News initially reported that Yemi Solade, in an interview, insinuated that Twitter’s action is an insult to the President and Nigerians as a whole.

Solade, who noted that Nigeria has many problems to contend with, and Twitter is not helping, added the platform is being used to attack the government and cause anarchy.

Reacting, Femi Branch, in a video shared on Instagram, said he didn’t want to comment on the Twitter ban, but after hearing his colleagues comment, he felt compelled to express himself.

Contrary to his colleague’s opinion, Femi Branch said there is nothing good about the Twitter ban, and it’s only those supporting and working for the government that will see nothing wrong in the government’s action.

Femi pointed out some of the roles that Twitter has played in the lives of Nigerians, especially young people, saving lives and creating awareness and job opportunity.

Throwing a jab at Yemi Solade, Femi Branch said anyone who sees nothing wrong with the Twitter ban should consider examining his brain.

In his words: I just want to express myself on the whole Twitter ban, I said I was not going to say anything, but after hearing the comment of someone I don’t want to mention the name, I feel compelled to say something, very quickly, there is nothing good about the Twitter ban.

It is only those that are working or supporting for the government that will see nothing wrong with the action of the government. We all know the role Twitter plays in our life as people, especially young people. In terms of job and expressing themselves.

It is only someone who is not progressive that will say the ban is a good thing, and Twitter has helped to save a life when things are happening in some extreme party of the country, passing information that can save lives, helps in creating awareness,

It is not good for the country and the image. Trump was removed from Twitter, but he didn’t ban Twitter, if you are a private individual and you see nothing wrong with the Twitter ban, I think you need to examine your brain

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