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Singer, Yemi Alade laments bitterly about how workers mismanage people’s work

Yemi Alade

Sensational singer, Yemi Alade has taken to Twitter to lament bitterly about how workers mismanage people’s work.

According to Yemi, nobody takes a business seriously like the owner of the business.

“Nobody will carry your work on their head the way you would…even if you pay them salary! Pay me first and see how I would carry your work,… yin yin yin yin. One month later nuisance ti bere” Yemi wrote.

Taking to Yemi’s comment section to react to this;

@OtavboruoOvie wrote “When u say carry the work on their head,what do u mean? because it is actually people that makes someone’s company or business grow better and they carry it on their head that’s why it attained greatness.Unless u talking of eye-service.Ppl work hard to make business become great”

@akam_sunny wrote “Pay me my salary in due time, give me peace of mind and see if I won’t carry your business on my head.”

@LKrukrubo wrote “That is the precise problem @yemialadee is talking about. How can anyone give anyone peace of mind? peace of mind is a construct in Statistics we can’t measure or give it except we define an acceptable functional definition. Thus, you will still fail, however much she pays you.”

@realpriestjoe wrote “this is nothing but the truth. No one can protect your interest like you. I have hired and employed people in several occasions and one thing i discover is that no one can carry your work on their head the same way you would. If you like pay them 1million each a month.”

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