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Don’t say ‘I am broke’. Say ‘I am expecting money though I don’t have it now’ – Reno Omokri hints fans on achieving positive life

Reno Omokri

Former Presidential aide has taken to social media to reveal exciting ways to live a positive life.

KFN recalled that Reno had cleared the air about the war thrift between Isreal and Palestine, stating it was a territorial war some days ago.

The controversial human right activist has outlined some do’s and don’ts that will help Netizens lead their lives positively.

He mentioned how to replace negative words with positive words as one should be responsible for finding a solution instead of blaming, and one shouldn’t say he is broke but should declare that he is expecting although he might not have money.

According to him, the do’s and don’ts are:

  • Instead of saying ‘It is my fault’, say ‘I am responsible for finding a solution.’
  • Your difference does not make you odd. It makes you unique
  • Don’t say ‘I am broke’. Say, ‘I am expecting money though I don’t have it now.’
  • You don’t have regrets. You have experiences
  • Instead of ‘I can’t’, ask ‘How can I?’
  • Instead of ‘I am tired’, say ‘I need some rest’.
  • Instead of ‘Never do that again, say ‘I like it when you do….
  • Rather than ‘I am too busy for this, perhaps ask ‘can do this at a later time?’
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