‘May he never know peace’ Nigerians rain curses on Saheed Balogun for sponsoring plans to release Baba Ijesha

Coming after it was revealed that famous actor, Saheed Balogun is the one ALLEGEDLY bankrolling the plans to release embattled actor, Baba Ijesha, Nigerians have taken to social media to drag life out of him.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that gist Lovers took to Instagram to make the shocking revelation.

According to the blogger, who disclosed the case is still under investigation, a huge amount of money has been paid for the release of Baba Ijesha.

The blogger wrote: This is one of those working underground for baba ijesha release,I am investigating the case and I think money has exchange hands,but still we demand justice,everyone who has a thing or two about the case will be dragged,I come in peace.

'We are sad and disappointed' - Association condemns Baba Ijesha

Reacting to the claims, Nigerians took to the comment section to rain curses on the actor and pray that he never know peace.

See some reactions below:

One Mide wrote, “I know that the ones spending the money won’t come out to talk , they are just watching. That Yomi Na just the public dog “

Rasheedat wrote, “May he never… know peace in his life…”

A Tiwa wrote, “Investigate quick pls… let’s know where to channel our next curse”

Damilola wrote, “Stupid old man..aiye gbogbo yin ma baje”

Bukky Mayor wrote, “Release or not,his life has been damaged already so I’m indifferent. Wonder why he still needs monetary help from a person like Princess after decades in the industry? The wrath of God resides in the corner of his bedroom quietly. He will never be thesame again and will pay forever.”

"Oloriburuku" Mercy Aigbe takes a stand against Baba Ijesha rape scandal

Iyelolu wrote, “How will other victims speak out when they know justice won’t be served? May God punish anyone and everyone trying to hinder justice from taking it’s course”



  1. Dico lee

    April 30, 2021 at 8:20 am

    Let us agree that is was a mistake, baba ijebu need to pardon all A.N.T.P. because they will not respect them again

  2. Benjamin setonji

    April 30, 2021 at 8:55 am

    They’re bird of the same feather,who knows what he might have been doing with minor children.
    Baba Ijesha should be jailed,because their was a concrete evidence that shows he defiled that child when she was at the age of seven.

  3. Tosin Bunmi

    April 30, 2021 at 9:31 am

    God bless you saheed balogun you are not life the rest of your colleagues raining insult,if their is no evidence ,then it’s a lie ,but if there is, provide it and let him face the consequences who are you we to judge the innocent man

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